Hang With Friends

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  • Plinius

    Great work, Daniel, and I admire the methodical way you ordered your plans!

    Yes, people will discover all over again what patriotism does to people, but we can only encourage them to read their own history.

  • Joan Denoo

    Daniel, your new kitchen looks brand new, not like a remodel to suit the inspector. I hope all goes well with your plans and project. How do you like your sink? I see them in modern kitchen photos and wonder if they work well for you? My friend, Char, had one that looked like that and loved it. Is your energy holding up through all this? 

    Spud, you are correct, we need an atheist Winter Solstice stamp. Do you have an idea for a design? I kind of like the images of the shortest day of the year and the returning of the light. 

    The sun's path over Fairbanks, Alaska on the shortest day of the year. 

  • Idaho Spud

    Beautiful images Joan.  I'll have to think more of what image I would like on a stamp to represent atheism.