Hang With Friends

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  • Patricia

    I haven't met many night people. I always did my chores after dinner too, & accomplished more because interruption was less likely.

    I have the e-reader for my books, & can read that with the bedside lamp off, so it definitely doesn't bother Rick. I also find the e-reader easier to hold with my arthritic hands/fingers/wrists.

  • Chris

    Interesting twist about OGSD.

    And why the POTUS is the Don.

    (Sarcastically and perhaps dark humor)

  • Chris

    On sleeping patterns.

    I read that led screens produce a type of  light that reduces melatonin. Further I read that  that some eyglass manufactures have a coating that blocks that. When I visited my Optomologist he said he hadn't heard of that.  Now I see commercials on TV for it on occation.

    Perhaps considering the above, reading a paper book is better for sleep than a LED back lit book.

    Libraries use dark walls, often kind of a dark green so low illumination from a bedside incadescent lamp  makes the page of a paper book easier to read.

    With houshold LED lamps the spectrum of lamps may be more important than it was previously - certianly before with  incandecentent lamps or candels