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  • Loren Miller

    I have heard fits and starts about this for more years than I care to guess at ... but after a very long time, someone – the SyFy Channel, in fact – is tackling what may be the most famous science-fiction novel ever written.

    That's right.  I'm talking about Robert A. Heinlein's 1961 classic, Stranger in a Strange Land.

    I'm not certain what to grok about this, but I WILL keep an eye out for news.

  • Joan Denoo

    I'll be watching, Loren. 

  • Don

    Robert, I have at last checked out your novel, THE LAST BLADE OF GRASS, on Amazon.  Congratulations.  I like the cover.  It looks compelling to me, too (terrific premise)--although I have to say "those distracting little mistakes" do crop up, even as early as in the first graph.  It's a shame that more writers are not better served by astute editors who will catch such little things before a book hits the shelves. (And, in the summary, "criminals have free rein," not "reign.")  Small matters.  The problem, such as it is, lies in a reader's loss of confidence--and in a publisher's weakness in a crucial aspect of the trade.  Shouldn't happen.

    I hope your sequel is selling, too.  The readers' reviews seem strong.

    I wonder if you've read THE DOG STARS, by Peter Heller.  It's an excellent treatment of themes and circumstances similar, I think, to yours. 

    My own futuristic fantasy continues to sell well.  Reviews have been few but very good, and the book has many fans.  I'm at work on a sequel.