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  • deepthought42

    Thanks Paula and Steph. He recovered from the surgery quickly, and figured out how to use the cone as a battering ram. >_< He's back to normal now and his eyes are much easier to see. :)

  • Paula T.

    So glad to hear he recovered and is back to normal.  It's tough when our 4 legged family members are sick...they can't communicate when they are sick or hurt.

    Dominic, thank you for sharing part of your brood!  I don't know how I missed them when you originally posted them!  I think it's great that you are able to to follow a dream and your heart to do what you truly want to do :)

  • deepthought42

    Oh yes, he's doing well, and enjoying the nice weather too. He had surgery on one front paw this past winter, due to a grass seed that got under the skin and caused an infection. But that went smoothly and there is only a tiny scar now. :)