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  • Sean Murphy

    A Long Island political leader was indicted for involvement in a grand theft auto ring a couple of decades ago.

    President Nixon arranged illegal wiretapping of the Democratic Party's campaign plans while there was a convention at the Watergate Hotel.

    President Reagan had Oliver North oversee a program to sell drugs in order to raise money that congress had no oversight over with which to purchase huge gun shipments and give them to anti-communist terrorists to overthrow the government of Nicaragua at the time.

    Before that, presidential candidate Reagan also negotiated with Iranian terrorists for the release of the hostages they had held for a rather long time in return for a great deal of money, as long as they were not released until after president Carter lost the election.

    They can be criminals.

  • Bertold Brautigan

    @Tom - well, you're proven right. They're repealing the fuck out of them as we type.

  • Michael Penn

    Whether they be damn fools or criminals even the script writers in our country are getting the idea. Supergirl got fired as a reporter in the latest episode and her boss claimed every media action had to be precise because the wrong signal could cause chaos. He tells her "you don't understand, we have fascists in the White House."

    The remark made me think the resistance is working in real time.