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  • Sean Murphy

    Stupid fingers. I "Read the PDF" not the "psf"!

  • tom sarbeck

    Evidence, Sean; evidence.

    Religion and the Bang have millions of words but no evidence.

    Try again. Or suspend judgment, as scientists do.

  • John Elder

    An important new study just released in Nature - A must read for anyone interested in climate change:

    TY  - JOUR
    AU  - Medhaug, Iselin
    AU  - Stolpe, Martin B.
    AU  - Fischer, Erich M.
    AU  - Knutti, Reto
    TI  - Reconciling controversies about the ‘global warming hiatus’
    JA  - Nature
    PY  - 2017/05/04/print
    VL  - 545
    IS  - 7652
    SP  - 41
    EP  - 47
    PB  - Macmillan Publishers Limited, part of Springer Nature. All rights reserved.
    SN  - 0028-0836
    UR  -
    L3  - 10.1038/nature22315
    M3  - Analysis
    AB  - Between about 1998 and 2012, a time that coincided with political negotiations for preventing climate change, the surface of Earth seemed hardly to warm. This phenomenon, often termed the ‘global warming hiatus’, caused doubt in the public mind about how well anthropogenic climate change and natural variability are understood. Here we show that apparently contradictory conclusions stem from different definitions of ‘hiatus’ and from different datasets. A combination of changes in forcing, uptake of heat by the oceans, natural variability and incomplete observational coverage reconciles models and data. Combined with stronger recent warming trends in newer datasets, we are now more confident than ever that human influence is dominant in long-term warming.
    ER  -