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  • Gerald Payne

    I get the same problem as Joan, I seem to go around in circles trying to fix it.

  • Grinning Cat

    The science news cycle (click to enlarge):

    THE SCIENCE NEWS CYCLE (Jorge Cham (C)2009) -> Start Here -> Your Research: Conclusion: A is correlated with B (p=0.56), given C, assuming D and under E conditions. -> translated by... -> University PR Office (yes, you have one) - For Immediate Release: scientists find potential link between A and B (under certain conditions) -> ...which is then picked up by... -> News Wire Organizations - A causes B, say scientists. -> ...who are read by... -> The INTERNETS - Scientists out to kill us again. posted by random dude - Comments (377) OMG! i kneeew itt!! - WTH??????? -> ...then noticed by... -> CNC Cable News - We saw it on a Blog! A causes B all the time - What will this mean for Obama? - BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS -> ...and caught on... -> LOCAL EYEWITLESS NEWS - A: KILLER AMONG US?? - 'What you don't know about 'A'... can KILL YOU! More at 11... -> ...eventually making it to... -> YOUR GRANDMA [wearing tinfoil hat] 'I'm wearing this to ward off 'A'' [researcher facepalms] [](image source)

  • Plinius

    Thanks Grinning Cat, a very clear cycle!