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  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    The UK's Met office has begun to share yearly CO2 rise predictions.

    First yearly CO2 forecast predicts one of biggest rises ever

    Now for the carbon dioxide forecast: levels of this gas in the atmosphere will rise by 2.5 parts per million to average 408 ppm in 2017.

    And the monthly average could exceed 410 ppm for the first time during this year’s peak in May (CO2 levels rise and fall each year with seasonal changes in plant growth). The precise forecast is 409.86 plus or minus 0.61 ppm.

    Not only is the CO2 concentration rising, it is rising ever faster. Levels at Mauna Loa have increased by an average of 2.1 ppm per year over the past decade, up from 0.7 ppm in the 1950s. But there are big variations from year to year.

    In particular, there are larger increases during El Niño years, during which warm surface waters in the Pacific Ocean affect weather worldwide.

    The predicted increase of 2.5 ppm in 2017 is well below the record 3.4 ppm rise last year, but still significantly more than the annual average of 2.1 ppm over the past decade.

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Unfortunately, because of back to back mass bleaching events, scientists are telling us that the massive, impressive Australian Great Barrier Reef is now at a ‘terminal stage’—with large portions having no hope of recovery.

    June Javelosa

    Scientists Announce That The Great Barrier Reef is Officially “Term...

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    April Climate Update from RobertScribbler We're averaging 1.21°C above preindustrial so far this year, as El Nino neutral conditions didn't cool things off as expected.

    April of 2017 was considerably warmer than all past Aprils in the climate record with the single exception of 2016.

    The month came in at 0.88 degrees Celsius above NASA’s 20th Century baseline and fully 1.1 degrees Celsius above 1880s averages. This measure was just 0.01 C warmer than now third warmest 2010 and 0.18 C shy of last year’s record.

    The first four months of 2017 now average around 1.21 degrees Celsius warmer than 1880s ranges. This number is about tied with 2016’s overall record warmth which was spurred by a combined strong El Nino and the incredible buildup of greenhouse gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere that we have seen for over more than a century.

    This year, ENSO neutral conditions trending toward the cooler side of average during the first quarter should have helped to moderate global temperatures somewhat. As is, though a slight cooling vs the first quarter of 2016 is somewhat evident, the broader, more general counter-trend cooling that we would expect following a strong El Nino is practically non-apparent.

    Very strong Northern Hemisphere polar warming during the winter months appears to be a primary driver pushing overall global temperatures higher during recent months. [bold and underline mine]