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  • Joan Denoo

    !!!! Is incandescent light still better than LED light?

    Everything you want to know about 

    natural daylight:  10 
    natural daylight behind glass:  9 
    incandescent light:  8 
    really good LED light: 7.9 
    average LED light:  6

  • Chris

    I hang my clothes out to dry.

    Filament lamps will be prefered by ludites and sold as heaters. I had trouble with CFL's. Flourescent lights contain murcury and tend to flicker when they wear out.

    I started purchasing LED's through Alibaba from Chinese companies about five years ago. I also have dimmers on the LED bulbs. My electrical bill is only about $30/month in the depth of winter.

    A problem is that many people don't understand  brightness of lights (Kelvin).  Many still purchase yellow warm lights which mimic Edisons lamps.

  • Chris

    On LED's, computer screens, TV's and Kindle books.

    A problem with them is that thay put out a blue liight that keeps the pubils dialated which prevents melatonin from allowing restfull sleep.

    I read that blue light filter glasses  are available to block out the blue light of Kindles, LED lights, and TV's that block melatonin.

    I asked my Optomitrist about that. He didn't know a thing about it, which I found disappointing.

    Paper books are better to read than a Kindle type of computer for many reasons.

    Paper books for example allow the reader to bookmark interesting subjects. I use post it notes to identify interesting parts.