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  • Idaho Spud

    That's strange Thomas.  It would be interesting to know why she did that.

  • Plinius

    Cats choose their own people, and you can't change a thing about it. You don't notice it so much in a single's household, but when you have more people in a house it's clear. Since my friend Dido died I'm the other person - Luna prefers my partner. She is not unkind to me, she sits with me for a few minutes every two days or so and she requests food from me, but that's all. For the rest she talks to my partner, sits on her lap and plays with her. I think there is no why - when two people form a friendship you don't ask why, so don't ask it with an inter-species friendship.

  • Thomas Murray

    Thanks Plinius...

    The pictured cat you uploaded to A.N. is very pretty.