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  • Joseph P

    I'm going to start volunteering for this sort of thing soon, actually.

  • Loren Miller

    Joseph, if I understand correctly, the lower court ruling UPHELD the law, so a 4-4 decision would have been disastrous.  Justice Kennedy was the key factor here, and I can't help but notice that Larry, Curly and Moe wrote some rather "sour-grapes" dissents!

    Still, this is a VERY BIG DEAL and I for one and glad of it!

  • Joseph P

    Oh yeah, that fucking district.  I don't know how it slipped my mind, but of course that district is the one that includes Texas.  Duh.

    Yeah, that's the federal district court that forced a Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, since every other district court ruled in favor of gay marriage.