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  • Grinning Cat

    Some excellent framing I wish I'd learned about earlier:

    Opposition to abortion access (a.k.a. the anti-choice "pro-life" movement) is aptly called the forced-birth movement.

    (In a discussion arguing that nationwide marriage equality won't inspire the sort of conservative backlash Roe v. Wade did: "The forced birth movement was able to make a lot of hay over abortion because it is a private and not very pleasant experience - no one throws a party to celebrate their abortion, so the Right can paint women who have abortions as selfish baby killers. But the lies and myths and propaganda the Right has used against gay people can't survive our visibility...." There's also discussion there on the parallels between LGBTQ* and atheist visibility and acceptance.)

    As Tim Peacock wrote: "Many of the people who call themselves pro-life are also pro-death penalty. They’re pro-war. They’re anti-welfare and regard those in need seeking assistance as below them.... None of those people are truly pro-life; rather, they’re anti-woman,anti-choice, and pro-forced-birth. And good luck to the child that enters the world in those circumstances: [cartoon below]"

    Two men and a woman, to a pregnant woman's belly: "We'll do whatever we can to protect your life!" To the baby, after it's born: "Now you're on your own! Get a job, moocher!" "I hope your tramp mom doesn't want food stamps to feed you!" "Or medical insurance!"

  • Joseph P

    ... forced-birth movement ...

    I'll have to remember that one.  I haven't used the term pro-life, when describing them, for at least 5 or 6 years, since they're not, as you said.  I pretty much always refer to them as anti-choicers.  It'll be nice to have a swap-out term, though.

    This is one of the things you get from religiously inspired movements.  They deliberately misuse words to apply emotional triggers to things, rather than using words for clear, precise descriptions of the way things actually are.

    You get a little bit of this from all sides, when it comes to politics, but I find it far, far more common on the conservative side of things.

    I'm actually anti-abortion.  I think we should do everything we can to reduce it, short of violating a person's bodily autonomy.  Specifically, we need decent sex education and free access to contraception, which the anti-choicers are also against, strangely.

    As for the high heel thing ... yeah, meh.  Notice the feet of a woman who wears high heels all the time.  Most people's toes aren't generally in a wedge shape like that, and the arches become all kinds of fucked up, such that their toes point up in the air, when they're walking barefoot, in some extreme examples of regular abuse.

    I think high-heeled boots do a little less damage, since you have more side support, and lower heels aren't as bad, but after you crank people up more than an inch or so, it gets bad pretty quickly.

  • Grinning Cat

    Speaking of "forced-birth" politicians deliberately eroding abortion access, sex education, and contraception access:

    (Gynecologist to patient with her legs spread in stirrups) I see the problem. You have Republicans in your vagina.(my tweak of an image I've seen on the web)