Atheist Morality

A place for atheists to discuss morality issues. What shapes your morality? What new perspectives have you found since abandoning faith (if you ever had any)? Is there any merit to religious moral authority?
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  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    That is very beautiful and poignant, Richard. I wish everyone could "hear" the voices of the future as well as you.

  • Rich Goss

    Thanks, Ruth. I wrote that passage a long time ago. Too bad nothing ever came of it. Cynthia, my heroine, had been slipped a pill of psilocybin (DMT), and her entire worldview changed accordingly. One of the most difficult aspects of writing is to convey mood.

    ‘Please preserve the Earth,’ they cry, like mystical chants of Odysseus’ sirens carried by the winds of time,

    Sadly, the chants of future sirens have landed on deaf ears. The planet is in much worse shape now than it was in 2007 when Mirror Reversal was published.

    You just gave me an idea of my next blog post.  Feel free to use the passage on Facebook or whatever as you wish. 

  • Loren Miller

    I know I've thrown this quote around A|N here and there, but as it comes to the issue of human vs. biblical morality, I think the following says it astonishingly well:

    If I could stop a man from raping a child, I would. That's the difference between me and your God.
    -- Tracie Harris