Atheist Morality

A place for atheists to discuss morality issues. What shapes your morality? What new perspectives have you found since abandoning faith (if you ever had any)? Is there any merit to religious moral authority?
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  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

  • John B Hodges

    Re, the quote from Assata Shakur below; certainly the great movements of nonviolent resistance did not rely solely on appeals to the moral sense of their oppressors, they used moral appeals plus mass demonstrations and non-cooperation, such as strikes and boycotts. Further, it could be argued, they were each accompanied by a violent movement, smaller but present, reminding the oppressors that the alternative to peaceful reform was less pleasant. But, the history of nonviolent struggle must be recognized. They did have some successes.
  • Richard Goscicki

    Here's an excerpt from Mirror Reversal that supports Ruth's "Future generations" comment of Sept. 20.

    I think it's very beautiful and poignant, but I guess that doesn't count.  I wrote it.


    “Once you’re reached a certain level of education, the Bible’s quaint stories don’t answer the questions anymore.  The hope for heaven and fear of hell are just that, mammalian emotions.  But the reasoned belief that a futureworld will exist is all but certain.  And what will the futureworld be like? That should be our main concern.  Instead of worrying about an imaginary heaven as an individual, let’s devote ourselves to entering a real futureworld as Homo sapiens, the wise.  At this very moment there might be future souls praying to us to preserve the Earth and its ineffable beauty.  Sometimes, when I’m listening to Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, I can hear the sighs and yearnings of the world’s future citizens.  ‘Please preserve the Earth,’ they cry, like mystical chants of Odysseus’ sirens carried by the winds of time, ‘it belongs to us also.  Nature has only loaned it to you.  Don’t destroy it any further; it can’t be replaced.  Your awareness of the condition of the world, your Earth Consciousness, is the only thing that can save it.  Just get us there and we’ll know what to do.’