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Is it me, or can most people on social networking sites not spell? I get acronyms, but actual misspelling, really? I'm not that old, either-not even thirty.

Does this make anyone else crazy or is it just me?
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    Grinning Cat

    Another thing that "literally" gets my goat: that use of "literally" to mean "not literally, but figuratively, and feeling strongly about it". It's become a more polite version of "... that f---ing gets my goat...."

    In 2011 the Oxford English Dictionary started recognizing that sense in informal contexts; the mainstream press seems to have noticed only this month. I posted on that in Linguaphiles and Sesquipedalians.

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      Joan Denoo

      Loren, this conductor is a genius at pulling people together in interesting and creative ways. He reminds me of the research on domestic violence. Conductors have the lowest domestic violence rates of all occupations measures. The researcher used incident rates for 10,000 by occupation. It seems conductors have control but violent means are not used. They find other ways to motivate people to a common cause.

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        tom sarbeck

        The punctuation help that curled my toes is in the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edition.

        To see if you're using a comma correctly, go to section 5-29 on page 165:

        The comma, perhaps the most versatile.... There are a few rules....

        The rules start with 5-30 on compound sentences and end with 5-83 on maxims, proverbs... (page 179), I count sixty four rules.

        How else do we distinguish educated folk from the others?