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Absurd Myths from Porn

The Absurd Myths Porn Teaches Us About Sex

Noah Brand and Ozy Frantz bring humor to this theme.

...learning about sex from porn is like learning about firearms from action movies.

“My first boyfriend told me, in all seriousness, that he was pretty small—just seven and a half inches,” said Pervocracy. “He thought nine was average.”

... porn still has many racist, sexist and queerphobic elements.

“The majority of guys who fetishize Japanese women are clearly getting it from anime porn,” Pervocracy said, “and will be very disappointed if their Japanese woman turns out not to be childlike, whimperingly submissive, or cartoonishly cutesy.”

Within the world of mainstream porn, erections appear upon request and continue until their owner wishes for the sex to end, at which point the orgasm is prompt.

Everyone is constantly up for sex, with no negotiation between fluctuating libidos required. No one ever experiences vaginal farting or can’t get the penis in no matter what they do or falls off the bed.

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    Steph S.

    Porn does have sexist and racist and homophobic elements to it - there is gay porn out there. I don't like the fact that women or men have to have a certain flawless look in the porn industry. Mostly women that is - have to look like a Barbie doll or something similar.

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      I would think that the VOLUME ALONE in a porn movie (were it done in a real life "sexual encounter") would have non-participants convinced that someone was being violently murdered, and call the authorities accordingly! The fact that there is such LOUD "screaming/moaning/verbalizations", etc. PROVES that the scene engaged in is one of ACTING, not "actual" sex (doesn't make it any less fun or arousing to watch though! ;) 

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        Actually, from what I've heard here, the behavior from Japanese porn gets emulated by young adults here... it may be a fetish for Japanese men to have such submissive partners (which would be a reason why both anime and live porn from Japan have coy behavior from the women shown in their porn). This might actually be one of the reasons why some J-girls flock to foreign men who live in Japan and why the J-boys don't do so with foreign women (though I tend to think it's more familial responsibilities in the cases of Japanese men--I could be wrong).

        ...LMAO at the mention of queefing.