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Industrial livestock production

Before seeing this photo I had no idea corporate livestock owners could be so mean.

I can't vouch for the claims of this animal cruelty organization, but the part on pigs matches the picture. Belsandia

This makes me sick. I grew up on a farm, which was nothing at all like this.

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    That and the reference article are sickening. There used to be a feed lot about 5 miles from my house. That was sickening too. I found a local rancher who sells beef, goat, lamb and chicken raised Halal. I'm going to purchase meat from them and look for a local place for pork.

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      Steph S.

      That picture sickens me Ruth. My grandparents grew up on a farm - it is nothing like this at all.

      This is corporate farming - not the small family farm.

      I hope they get charged for animal cruelty.

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        I saw a picture like this one some twenty years ago. I haven't eaten meat after that. But you can keep on hoping that not eating meat makes a difference: the livestock industry will just carry on.