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If the Big Bang is a lie then the universe is lying to us

Here's a great article on Science Blogs responding to Paul Broun's claim that the Big Bang, along with evolution, etc. is all a bunch of "lies straight from the pit of hell". 

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    This is just another nail in the coffin that is Christianity. fundamentalism more so than in general or even religion as a whole. Never-the-less, it does nothing to further their crazy cause.

    That aside, It's terribly horrifying to me that this man sits on the Committee on Science and Technology not to mention the Committee on Homeland Security. I feel betrayed by the very country I live in and by mankind in general.

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      Littlejohn Dellar

      If it were not for the fact that this guy holds a position on the House Committee for Science, Space and Technology, I'd be tempted to chuckle softly, roll my eyes and move on.  But instead I feel a real sense of worry and foreboding...

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        Jim DePaulo

        Braun and Akins (also on the Science Committee) and their ilk are sufficient reason to prohibit religious fundamentalist from engaging in secular government.  I can't believe these brain stems are in the US Congress.