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Hallowe'en Costumes and Sex

Hello everyone,

my Husband and I have discovered one of the best ways to make things interesting in the bedroom. Especially this time of year.

Right after Hallowe'en you can find many Hallowe'en costumes on sale for at least 50% off!

Today we picked up a Napoleon Dynamite costume for only $8.50 for Gregory (my Husband), and I was Ursula from Little Mermaid which was a little bit more expensive to say the least, but Gregory insisted on it.

The sex was amazing! It felt like we were young again, and completely different people. We were even able to keep the costumes on for the entire night with only slight modifications--thanks to Gregory's sewing skills!

Anyway, just wanted to pass on that information. If there is a Halowe'en store near you I would surely recommend looking for good deals on costumes to liven things up in the bedroom while you still can.

All the best!