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Collapse, Jared Diamond

Diamond, Jared, Collapse 7 parts

Jared Diamond compares the collapses of human societies over time and places with stressors occurring in present days. He looks at how the role of violence, turmoil, chaos, conflict, and class warfare emerge from shortages of water, food and energy. Warfare is a symptom not a cause of turmoil. Consumerism and its consequences of deforestation, desertification, malnutrition and disease depletes resources that cannot be replaced quickly and easily. Successful cultures need sustainable food supplies from local sources, organically grown agriculture to preserve healthy soils, and public potable water available for all. Long term thinking takes into account more people, more consumption and more booms and busts. We have a moral imperative to pay attention. 

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    Natalie A Sera

    And it would REALLY help if we got our gross overpopulation down! I think its anti-birth control stance is the biggest damage the Catholic church is inflicting on the world. We just can't afford it, but there are WAY too many Catholics (and Mormons while we're at it) who believe "God will take care of us!". Yeah, right! :-(