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Be an Atheist Activist

AtheistActivist.org is designed as a tool for the atheist who wants to bring about change through activism to benefit the secular community. Use the information here to support people and organizations that share your secular viewpoint.

There are a number of very good resources on the net that will help you become an effective and efficient activist. Gather relevant information in real time, learn the proper approach to addressing issues and know where to act and who can help.

  • Read the Effective Activism Guide to make good use of your time when dealing with Establishment Clause infractions. This site gives a step by step procedure to follow and several contacts where you can report church/state violations. Use the template to draw up your news release. This is the best source for individual activism rather than group activism.

  • Also read this article by Stuart Bechman on general atheist activism. His site is an answer to those who ask 'How Can I Help?' Great for developing the activist mindset.

  • The Activists Handbook on Protest.net is good for tips, tactics and motivation. Originally derived from the University of Penn and the Freedom Writer websites, both of which are no longer available so we are lucky to still have access to this information. It directly addresses countering the religious right so you know it's good stuff.

  • One activist handbook I hope you never need is put together by the Just Cause Law Collective and spells out how to properly deal with law enforcement should a protest or demonstration turn ugly. It's not a bad idea to be familiar with your rights and how to navigate the legal system.
  • Download NetAction's Virtual Activist Training Reader. Published by The Tides Center of San Francisco, it outlines how to be effective and professional in on-line activism including generating your own action alerts, cyber security and much more. Take a look at their archived publications for more useful info.

  • Be an effective atheist activist by investing merely 30 minutes a week. This requires a little preparation using your first 30 minute period to make future efforts even easier.