Hang With Friends

  • The End of the World ... Again?!?

    Uh, guys and gals?  Hate to tell you, but the world ended the other day.  And the hell of it is, I MISSED IT!  Yeah, too busy with other stuff, mowing the lawn, enjoying the company of my wife, and taking care of puddy-cats, and I just MISSED it!One guy who DIDN'T miss it, though, was our bud,…

    By Loren Miller

  • Sam Harris The Case Against Christianity

    Sam Harris The Case Against Christianity Sam Harris offers his case against the Christian god conceptSamuel Benjamin "Sam" Harris is an American author, neuroscientist, philosopher, the co-founder and chief executive of Project Reason, a non-profit organization that promotes science and…

    By dudaboli yev

  • Your favorite photobombs?

    Running of the bulls photobomb.

    By Ruth Anthony-Gardner

  • An AN member passed away

    Went into the chat room last Friday night, for the first time in a while, and learned that Mequa passed away. I had been good friends with him for a time, but we had differences and stopped talking back in the spring of this year. I knew however, that he was planning to go in for heart surgery to…

    By Deidre

  • A Parable by Mrs. Betty Bowers

    Betty Bowers is becoming SO GOOD at delivering as America's Best Christian, she now does 30-second parables!  (Okay, 32 seconds!  Picky, picky!) Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

    By Loren Miller

  • Goodwill to Few Men (Betty Bowers)

    Think Goodwill Industries does well by the poor?  Fact is, they do WAY BETTER for themselves, to the point where America's Best Christian, Betty Bowers, thinks they're ripping off the christian playbook a bit too well!  Have a look for yourself: Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

    By Loren Miller

  • Steven Weinberg on his anti-theism

    I like the sound of Steven Weinberg's voice. He has a calming impact on me as I rush to get my home of 41 years ready to sell and plan and put into motion the new garden at my daughter's home. My home is full o empty boxed quickly filling with the stuff of my life. I tire easily and rest often.…

    By Joan Denoo

  • losing faith (TheraminTrees)

    TheraminTrees has recently begun producing a new series of YouTube videos, which added to a wonderful library of earlier observations regarding his experience of religion. Good as all those pieces are, I personally think they pale against this current work, wherein TT relates his own history of…

    By Loren Miller

  • Betty Explains Religious Freedom (Betty Bowers)

    Well, considering all the RFRA bills popping up all over the United States, plus all the fun and games ISIS is bringing to the good folks in Syria and Iraq, Betty Bowers, the epitome of well-dressed christianity, has decided to clarify the true meaning of religious freedom to all the unwashed out…

    By Loren Miller

  • Surreal, I haz it

    Surreal, not just found in art.

    By Ruth Anthony-Gardner