Hang With Friends

  • The Whole Bible in 30 Seconds (Betty Bowers)

    Ever decide that you wanted to read the whole bible, cover to cover, only to realize half-way through Deuteronomy that the darn thing is industrial-strength BORING?!?  Well, never fear!  America's Best Christian, Betty Bowers, has done the Cliff's Notes version for those of us without the patience…

    By Loren Miller

  • Are You a Patriot? (Betty Bowers)

    You might think that Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, would be stepping outside of her comfort zone in tackling the concept of patriotism.  As it turns out, not only does she have a proper handle on the term and its implications, she also seems to have a fine apprehension of those who would…

    By Loren Miller

  • We Don't Want Your (Atheist) Money! (The Thinking Atheist)

    I suppose I've heard stories like this before:Conscientious atheist donates money to worthy cause.Worthy cause initially accepts money.Worthy cause discovers source of donation.Worthy cause rejects donation.Swell, eh?  Well Matt Willbourne of Muskogee, Oklahoma took the above scenario a step…

    By Loren Miller

  • The Ark Encounter: A Less than Grand Opening (The Thinking Atheist)

    The day finally arrived.  Ken Ham's Ark Encounter opened on 7 July, 2016 ... to something a bit less than Disney-sized crowds, and more than a couple dissenting voices!  Seth Andrews has gathered a quartet of significant participants in the protest of Ken's overblown rowboat, who spell out in…

    By Loren Miller

  • Surreal, I haz it

    Surreal, not just found in art.

    By Ruth Anthony-Gardner

  • Wedding Haka - Subtitled & translated

    I ran across a video of a wedding in which a group of wedding guests celebrated with a performance of a traditional Māori ancestral war dance, called a Haka. It was intended for sons, however, the women have joined in a participation of partnership. I wonder when we face a challenge if a Haka dance…

    By Joan Denoo

  • Onward (Unpaid) Christian Soldiers (Betty Bowers)

    Proselytizing in the military is a dirty little secret most radical christians would rather didn't get out.  Well, never let it be said that America's Best Christian, Betty Bowers, was ever a wallflower where a pit bull was needed!  In the following video, she fulminates against the Military…

    By Loren Miller

  • grooming minds (TheraminTrees)

    There are likely very few among those who frequent Atheist Nexus who would argue against the idea that indoctrinating children with religion is at minimum less than moral or ethical and more likely considered child abuse. Personally, I have aligned myself with the more severe label for such…

    By Loren Miller

  • The Bourne Again Identity (Mr. Deity)

    There's a young man, unconscious, found tangled with the bushes which describe the edge of your property, late one evening.  Who is he?  Where did he come from?  These are the questions which confound Ward and Pam as they attempt to deal with a most unusual circumstance ... and perhaps Brian…

    By Loren Miller

  • Fan.tasia – A Disney Mashup by Lindsey McCutcheon

    Any of you remember that Hollywood musical dance number mashup that Nerd Fest UK put together some months back?  Well, someone by the name of Lindsey McCutcheon has done something rather similar to that with a 21st century…

    By Loren Miller