Even heathens love their pets!

A place where we can share 'pet tales' and photos!

    I love all animals and I am involved in rescue.  But, I don't believe cats should be treated as wild animals and allowed to roam.  Usually they live short misserable lives, trying to survive kids, cars, poisoning, dogs, coyotes, disease and parasites.Taking Aim at Outdoor CatsAssemble a group of…

    By Dominic Florio

  • Post your favorite picture of your pet(s)

    Here are my two 5-year old beagles! I love me some dog! :-)*don't start any nasty rumors about my pagan symbol of winter!*

    By Renee Obsidianwords

  • What do you love about you pet?

    I love it when my dog noses my shoes and her leash when she's ready to go out. Or how she'll greet anybody who comes into our home with her "awesome" bone or toy.

    By Lulu

  • Hello! First post: Dogs making news in China and Iran

    In Iran they want to outlaw dogs because they represent the vulgar views of the west. Then, in China, better news, nearly 600 dogs rescued yesterday who were bound for dinner plates and stomachs in China.link: …

    By Pangea Girl

  • Animals on Trial ... Bizarre but sadly true!

    Hi folks, this is a link to a BBC documentary about historical trials of animals ...It is fascinating in the connections between the "logic" of religious thought andso-called secular courst of the time... some disturbing stuff - so be FOREWARNED!Still a very interesting listen.  Why post this on…

    By Ally

  • Know your breeds before inviting a dog to live in your home!

     Bad house dog!

    By Edward Teach

  • Dogs and Cats are Better than Kids Because They:

    I came accross this online and thought it was funny. Dogs and Cats are Better than Kids Because They: 1. Eat less2. Don’t ask for money all the time3 Are easier to train4. Normally come when called5. Never ask to drive the car6. Don’t hang out with drug-using friends7. Don’t smoke or drink8. Don’t…

    By Cheryl

  • Do you think Heartgard is safe for pets in the treatment of preventing heartworm?

    I always get my dogs tested in the Spring for heartworm and give them Heartgard from June through November.  But I have been reading of the side effects of Heartgard.  The potential side effects of Ivermectin (the active ingredient in Heartgard) include liver problems, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of…

    By Cheryl

  • What it with the licking.

    I am a pet owner, but not one of those who really delves into the psychology of them. Our cat is licking the dogs face. She even put her front paws on there so she could hold on and do it.Cats don't lick too often, but does anyone know why she would do this with the dog?

    By Michelle

  • Advice on Dog's Health

    I have an 8 year old German Shepard/Retriver mix. She has a seizure disorder and hypothyroidism. Just recently she started having hind leg weekness. I decreased her seizure medicine thinking this might be the cause. I had bloodwork done and all her medications are in the therapeutic range. My vet…

    By Cheryl