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  • Donald L. Engel

    Joan, I presented a graph that shows a record of temperatures over the last 420,000 years.  That graph is not a presentation of an argument for, or against, global warming.  It is a presentation of what actually occured.

    We are nearing the top of the 5th warming period, and while we are nearing it, we have not reached the temperatures that occured during the previous 4 warming periods.  If man was not around during the previous four warming periods, why is it man's fault this time?  Look at rule #3 in your list.  Haven't I presented evidence gained from observation?  And what is your answer to rule #4 in this case?

  • Joan Denoo

    Donald, you are correct, and I am wrong. I tried to send you an article and graph that convinced me and am unable to get it to load. Thank you for being o persistent and gentlemanly in changing my mind. 

    My interpretation is now even more challenging. You undoubtedly noticed that the shifts to hot and cold climate change happened precipitously. If particles in the air, caused by a volcanic eruption or whatever, precipitates the plung into hot earth climate, then human-caused pollutants can be a factor in initiating the climate changes we experience now. The numbers in the article confirmed that. 

    The fossil fuel industry has smart people in their midst and well-trained scientists. If they can't figure this out, if they seek profits above all else, then the non-scientists have to blow the whistle. We all know what happens to whistleblowers in this country. 

    I will send you the article and graphs as soon as I solve the problem. 

  • Joseph P

    This kid found a brilliant new solution to the runaway-train moral quandary: