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  • Plinius

    I still try to figure how it's possible that Felaine got so far that she ended with gangrene, was NOT taken to hospital because she wasn't an emergency at all, and yet is in ICU within a week. Now she gets excellent help and I'm very glad of it, but WHY NOT BEFORE to prevent all the suffering? A little help at the right time can prevent enormous suffering and costs. Is this a one in thousand case or everyday USA practice?    

  • Ian Mason

    Glad to hear that Felaine is doing well. Thanks very much, Carl.

    Gangrene can develop very quickly but in Felaine's case it does sound like neglect and/or incompetence by some so-called medical professionals.

  • Idaho Spud

    Thanks Carl.  I'm glad to hear encouraging news about Felaine. 

    I agree that her previous reports sounded like neglect from some medical people.