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  • Joan Denoo

    It was April 4, 1965, Don was a dentist in the army and we lived on base at Ft. Lewis. I felt the quarters begin to rock and a sound began that became louder and more shrill. I ran to the bedroom and looked at Cary, 19 months old in his crib, and the twins, Craig and Laura, 14 months old, trying to figure out which one I would carry outside first. I couldn't make that decision, so I grabbed all three of them and carried them downstairs and outside to a large lawn area. We were safe and soundly shaken. 

    Puget Sound area, Washington 

    1965 04 29 15:28:43.7 UTC 

    Magnitude 6.5 

    Intensity VIII

    This earthquake caused about $12.5 million in property damage and killed five people. 

    The Duwamish River and its mouth slumped, as did Harbor Island, damaging buildings. The ground under a major highway along Admiral Way slumped.

    In Issaquah a brick building collapsed, a school suffered extensive damage, chimneys in the area sustained heavy damage. 

    The quake occurred in an area of Puget Sound where at least four glaciations occurred. During the interglaciation periods, sediments filled valleys and shorelines with sand, gravel and silt, in some places two to four thousand feet deep. The earthquake caused these deposits to “liquify”, causing failures of buildings, bridges, and highways. In general, the damage was directly related to geology. 

    ~ Geologic Hazard in Seattle,


    ~ The Seattle Earthquake of April 29, 1965,


  • Ian Mason

    Go Kathy! Very brave of you.

    That's one of my favourite poems, Joan. And that earthquake must have been frightening.

    No job this time around. So it goes. I'm not worried.

  • The Flying Atheist

    Ian, sorry the job didn't work out for you.  Glad you're not worried over it.

    Just curious, is anyone else experiencing sporadic delays getting email notifications from A|N?  

    For example, I'm now getting notifications of posts Joan made 12 hours ago.  And I haven't yet received a notice about Ian's post below from 53 minutes ago.