Hang With Friends

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  • Patricia

    Thanks....me too. I will however likely have to have the left hip done in a year or so, he figures.....

  • Joan Denoo

    Excellent news, Patricia! How are you feeling now? Are you still needing to use the wheelchair? 

  • Patricia

    I never did use a wheelchair, Joan. I used the walker for about 2 weeks, but now I walk without any aid, & I walk up & down my street as we have no snow yet, & I use our stairs. This works better for me than the boring, dull, physio, & the doctor approves of that. A walk has always done more for me than rote exercises. My limp is much less & that's not supposed to begin easing until 9 to 12 weeks post-op. He also said my flexibility is good enough that I can start pushing the boundary of the 90 degree rule, which I have already been doing. I am well ahead in the recovery game. Not so bad for being almost 71!