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  • Daniel W

    Thomas I dont know what you mean by indigenous to humans.  If you mean, are we the only creatures to get cancer, the answer is no.  Lots of dogs and cats get cancers as well as other creatures.  Also, evidence of cancer has been found in remains of prehistoric people.  It is usually caused by a mutation in the DNA but some cancers are virus transmitted.  Tasmanian devils are almost extinct due to transmitted cancers, most cervical cancer is viral, kaposi sarcoma is viral, some throat cancers and others.

    Kathy sorry you are injured too!  I was out watering all am, now inside with some ice on my leg.  Its not so bad today.  I just need to respect and be aware of limitations.

    Over 100 F today.  Most of the wilted plants responded to their watering last night.  Some milkweed plants were top-killed but maybe will make branches below the dead part?  The tops were crispy!

    Potato tops are dying down.  Collard greens looming good.  Garlic sending up scapes.

  • Joan Denoo

    Randy, I know what you mean about weeding. I am a lazy lady and use every technique I can find to make it easier. 

    I started watching this family because of their gardening techniques when there smallest child was very young and in diapers. The children grow so fast.

    They converted a school bus and are on nationwide tour of permaculture gardens and farms. Justin Rhodes and his family work as a team and get lots of work done and have fun while they do it. 

    His Permaculture Garden Needs ONLY 2 Days of Work;


    To weed or not to weed, what would be Sepp's answer? RSS feed;

    This isn't for gardens, but for farms, but I refer to it from time to time: 

    Unnatural Selection: Why Encouraging Weeds May Be Good Farming (Video);

    Practical Permaculture – The Art Of Weeds;

    Q. This next one had me stumped; what is lucern? 

    A.  lucerne (alfalfa hay) bales 

    So, here is the site: 

    No Dig Gardening;

  • Thomas Murray


    The reason I asked abt cancer and humans is because sharks never get cancer, and on the same page I either heard or read that cancer is exclusive to humans. Not knowing if this was an urban myth or a fact, thus my reason for asking. However, just today my research showed that sharks do get cancer, but naked mole rats do not. Even when scientist artificially inject cancerous cells into mole rats, mole rats were able to suppress the growth. Also one in 5 humans get cancer but olny 5% of elephants get cancer.


    ..."Known as p53, it is a tumor suppressor." ....

    It was said the more animal have of this p53 gene, the less likely to develop cancer.


    It seems that every person on earth have some relative that got cancer...either survived or passed away. My wife's father died from cancer (he was a smoker plus he came from coal polluting China), her cousin died from stomach cancer in Ireland. For some reason, Ireland has some of the highest cancer rates in the world....this was what I was told. I just skipped through the web site and it is frightening.


    Of my own family, the 11 of us, only one brother got cancer. He was a heavy smoker since middle school. My cousin got cancer which was treatable.... she refused....it was as if she was thankful that she didn't have to find a way to kill herself.

    I am going to stop this now because this group is abt gardening, not cancer. I am sorry for bringing this up on this forum.