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  • Joan Denoo

    The official trailer of the Great American Farm Tour, the story of a homesteading family converting a school bus into a home that took them to all 48 lower states and launched them to Alaska and Hawaii in a 10-month adventure of discovery of the United States. They visited homesteads and small farms in each state, went to national parks, and discovered different farming techniques. A gentle celebration of the U.S. and a love of their home. 

    Randy, I imagine your farm family to be similar to the Rhodes. 

  • Randall Smith

    FINALLY! I was able to work in the garden! 

    First, I tilled (about half). Then I put up my chickenwire "rabbit obstacle" fence. That's where I will plant (today) my lettuce, spinach, peas, and other greens that rabbits love to eat. Outside the fence, I planted two rows each of potatoes and onions. Potatoes are leftover "nubbin's" from last year. They may not turn out too great.

  • Idaho Spud

    Randy, do you need to bury the rabbit fence in the ground to keep them out?

    Two days ago, I dug out most of the dandelions in my garden and watered my avocado tree.  It looks totally dead but I'll wait a couple of months to make sure.