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  • Don

    Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes.  A big one (70!) it was, and my wife had planned (for weeks) a wonderful surprise gathering, a catered feast attended by so many old friends.  I was so gratified and humbled.  I really did think that my own pie after a quiet dinner out was going to be the extent of our celebration--which would have been just fine, of course.  So we never did get to the pie until yesterday. 

    The last slice: 

  • kathy: ky

    Don, belated happy birthday. I've been out of touch the past few days. A spectacular pie.
    Our berries bear early in the summer. The middle of June usually. So they are long gone but still cheap at the grocery store but not local
  • Thomas Murray


    WHAT! .. no homemade vanilla ice cream topping !?

    That, indeed, is a grave sin.