Godless in the garden

Welcome to gardeners, growers of veggies, fruits, flowers, and trees!  


Welcome  backyard hen enthusiasts, worm farmers, beekeepers & composters!

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  • Idaho Spud

    Daniel, I've never seen cacti that brightly colored.  They are not attractive.

  • Daniel Wachenheim

    Spud, Randy aren't they ugly?!  I never liked the dyed orchids.  If someone wants a dyed blue cactus, why not just go whole hog and get a plastic one?

    Joan, I'm glad you are with the animals and family.  They need you too.

  • k.h. ky

    My mom made the best beets in the world. The sweet ones. And what she called green tomatoe ketchup. Which is like a sweet relish but far better, and one batch that had hot peppers. That was made from green tomatoes, tart apples, onion, sugar, vinegar and probably a couple of things I've forgotten.

    Joan, I'm glad you're with family now. Family helps a lot of things.