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  • Randall Smith

    Spud, I'm not sure exactly why vegetable farms can't get crop insurance. Perhaps it's too expensive. Maybe it's because they aren't subsidized like most major crops (farmers).

    As for my porch, you should see it up close! It's cracked, falling apart (there's a "fruit cellar" beneath it), and needs cleaning (power washed). Joan, out of the picture is a swing to the right. The glider came from my grandparents--very old. You're right, I should sit out there more often. The chipmunks enjoy playing on it!

    Beautiful flowers, Daniel!

  • Joan Denoo

    Randy, have you noticed how old things hold our attention and offer a bit of stability in an unstable world, even if the porch boards rot away, the stairs cave in, and cracks appear in the walls? 

    We spent the months of May and June clearing out my home of 42 years. I was chased out of the house because I wanted to keep everything; so, I spent my time in the garden clearing out the overgrowth from years of neglect because of my health problems. Those inside ask me about some old thing and I say, "It was Grandma Whiteheads stirring spoon she used when boiling clothes on the wood stove," or something like that. The family chooses to put the old things in the "keep" pile. 

    We made trip after trip to the dump, many to Goodwill and other such places, and truckloads of trimmings from my garden went to recycle. 

    We hope to have the house on the market by July 1. The floors sag, the house still dances with the changes from winter to summer and back again and the house goes "as it is." 

  • Loam Gnome

    Randy, will your corn be knee high by the 4th of July?  I think my first batch might.  Some are just germinating.  Sweetcorn, I'm not growing other types this year.  I was planting a batch every 2 weeks to spread out the harvest.

    Joan,  that's a big project, and I'm sure there were lots of emotions with that.  Were you able to keep any family heirloom plants?  Lilacs, or irises?

    I planted some Ixia among the strawberries.  I don't know why, just because.

    The Sisyrichium is almost done blooming.  I want to save the seeds, and plant them for a big row of bloom in, maybe, 2 years.  These are called "Yellow Blue Eyed Flower" because they are related to one called "Blue Eyed Flower" but are yellow.  Strange name.

    The Egyptian Walking Onions are a substitute family heritage plant for me.  I say that because my grandparents and great aunt grew them, and she gave me a start, but as life went by, I lost them.  So 20 years ago I ordered some from Seed Savers, and these are descended from that order.

    My house was built in the 70s.  It doesn't have much history or character, but needed a lot of work nonetheless.  I looked at older homes, but each had a fatal flaw - buried oil tank, termites / carpenter ants, deed confusion with easements.  I liked the old trees and shrubs, but had to be practical.