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  • Idaho Spud

    I used shipping tape to attach wires that I hang from tree branches.  

    Other people have said they have good results hanging them on wires over their strawberries, tomatoes, and ect.  Some have good results hanging them over balconies to keep poop off the balcony.  

    They should be hung where wind can move them, making noise, and where sunlight can flash from the diamonds.

    I read some mention of them scaring away other animals, but didn't read enough to determine if that was true or not.

  • Thomas Murray

    Four years ago, when we had chickens they were protected from red tailed hawk by this:

       I bought 3 kites at wally world and set one up on a wire above the chicken yard. It worked exceedingly well. Better when the breeze came through to make it alive. It works best when changed with two other different animal kites. Set it up in different locations around the chicken yard and only used one at a time. Often I see wild birds attacking the kite. Of course at first the chickens were wary of it but  they got used to it.

  • Daniel W

    Kathy, Spud, Thomas, interesting info. 

    My neighbor has one of those giant "dancing gumby" things that you see sometimes at car dealerships.  I think they use a fan to keep them upright and dancing.  I need to ask him if it actually worked.