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  • Joan Denoo

    Randy, The winter froze out my greenhouse and Laura and Larry move south in the winter. Their daughter and her partner, both from gardening families, move in the home and property during L&L's absence. They hope to build a home in an untouched part of the property when they are able. They both love the forest, both are strong and they make a good team with L&L's other daughter and her partner who have a place on the property and five very healthy children learning gardening, farming, and forest management, as well as learning forest fire fighting at school and Jr. Fire Fighters. 

    I leave this forested paradise to live with my son, Craig and his family for part of the year in the mountains above Denver at 6043 feet elevation. Obviously, there is no winter gardening outside in their city lot, however, I suspect a greenhouse could grow things here because I have been here over a month and have not seen a cloudy day.

    There are 246 sunny days per year in Littleton, Colorado.

    There are 176 sunny days per year in Newport, Washington

    With some auxiliary heat, plants should thrive in a greenhouse in this Colorado spot. 

    I will spend cold days inside on my computer reading mall and books in Colorado and outside tending the greenhouse and gardens in Washington. I have the best of all possible worlds.  

  • Randall Smith

    And life is good, Joan! You sound happy and content. Your idea(s) for a greenhouse should work. Go for it.

    As for your previous post on garden pH, I agree. My asparagus does great, while I've lost about 20 blueberry bushes within a year or two of planting over the years. I'm done with trying (yeah, right!).

  • Thomas Murray

    Can anyone recommend a good seed catalogue?

    Much appreciated....