Birding, Birders and all things Birds

This group is for birding, birders and bird enthusiasts. One can be a pet owner, researcher, Ornithologist, birder that is advanced or novice. Anyone interested in birds!

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  • Steph S.

    Gerald welcome to the group.

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Two relaxing enjoyable minutes.

  • Joan Denoo

    Steph, I built bird feeding stations all around the house using cut-off tree stumps. In the spring, I planted bird and butterfly attracting plants around the stumps and put handfuls of birdseed on the stumps. Just outside my bedroom window where I sit and read my Atheist Nexus mail, I put a larger variety of seeds and hang bird- seed feeders in an old red fir tree. I placed different kinds of feeders for large seeds and one for tiny seeds with protection from large birds. The squirrels can't get to the seed feeders because of they are placed on the end of branches. The cats can't reach the bird feeders. The only hazard I create for the birds is a solar powered birdbath and shower. I also have a hummingbird feeder hanging on another tree. 

    I am sitting at the window watching the birds and there are two blue jays, one woodpecker and a flock of chickadees feeding. Lots of activity taking place. I will participate in the bird count this winter.