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  • Don

    And today, following sci-fi, we now have cli-fi fiction--a sub-genre comprising stories that base their themes on the implications of our changing climate.  There's been a good deal of attention in the popular media given to this new category over the last year or two.

    Here's an interview on the subject over at Eco-fiction: 

    "Meet author Don Bredes, whose debut novel Hard Feelings was named Best Book of the Year for Young Adults by the American Library Association. Bredes is back with another YA novel, Polly and the One and Only World, a fantasy apocalyptic novel ushering in a vision of a future world that is not so impossible to believe. In the book, a young heroine named Polly Lightfoot tries to survive results of climate change: rising seas, coastal floods, drought, and social upheaval."

  • Plinius

    I can't remember who gave me the idea to read ´Earth abides´ by George Stewart. I'm a bit late - the book was published in 1949 - but it's still an excellent story. Thanks!

  • Robert Brown


    Did you check out my book yet, The Last Blade of Grass? I think you'll find my publisher did a great job in editing and there are not those little distracting mistakes that you mentioned are in some peoples books.