Loners and Introverts

Group for those who are Introverted and those of us who are Loners. Someone who doesn't need other people around them to validate their own existence.

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  • Wayne Philips

    I'm not specifically a loner really but I don't need to hang around a-holes just to have friends. Currently, I'm on my own little island bc of all the religious ppl in my situation. Everyone I know believes in JC. They thank him for everything including my new job. I want to say FU to all of them. It's crazy that grown ass ppl need to believe in superstition. I know I'm not the only one but no one near me to cuss & discuss day to day crap with.
  • tom sarbeck

    If a loner and ex-introvert may suggest something, search on "Children Learn What They Live" by Dorothy Law Nolte.

    Her line "When children live with ridicule, they learn to be shy" spoke to me.

    Ms. Nolte omitted and I added the line "When children live with violence, they learn to be fearful."

  • Idaho Spud