Even heathens love their pets!

A place where we can share 'pet tales' and photos!
  • Jim

    I have three cats that I have taken from the streets and if I could I would take more. but 3 is all I can take care of properly
  • Santiago

    I've always had cats in my house, up to 4 at one point, although two of those have died now. The problem is I'm studying in the UK, with my cats back in Mexico. I really do miss them though, nothing cracks me up so much as a crazy cat, and my cats are certifiably insane.
  • Andrea

    I have always loved cats!! I have recently took in a third cat (kitten ) who was on deaths door! I nursed it back to heath, but couldnt save one eye. Anyway it follows me everywhere I go and constantly wants to cuddle.
  • Linda Marie

    I have two kitties, one is named Salem he is black and white and the other is Reggie, a three colored male. They are both adoreable and Reggie is the affectionate lap cat who purrs and is very sweet. Salem is a big beautful one too with yellow eyes.
  • Sherry

    Please go to my blog and watch the video on the Krabloonik sled dogs. I live in the Roaring Fork Valley, and we really need your help to improve the living conditions of these dogs.
  • Andrea

    I've been so depressed. I recently lost my beloved kitty Oedipus. Losing a pet is like losing family. It sucks!!
  • deepthought42

    Poor little (ok, not so little) Torpedo, our now 6-month old shar-pei mix had an allergic reaction to something, they're not sure what. He was taken to the vet and given medicine. His face was apparently swollen... :( But he's back to getting into things and begging for food. ^__^ At the vet they also found out that he now weighs about 53lbs!
  • Goodie Faithless

    I think my cat is an actual demon.
  • Iniquitous Philistine

    ho ho ho
  • deepthought42

    I took this video on my new digital camera I got for xmas. Torpedo was apparently really craving some spaghetti and meatballs, lol.

  • Crystal Shard

    These are my two reprobates, Pepsi & Max (aka Mephistopheles & Beelzebub), a west highland white terrier (westie) & a scottish terrier (scottie). They are both 4 years old.

  • Michelle

    My puppies Jack and Jim
  • deepthought42

  • Dani

    I had to sell one of my dogs and I miss her so much...here's Yoko:

    I miss that face!

    Funny sleeping face

  • Ted E Bear

    I live in an apartment which would be be really cruel for a dog...so my only alternative is to be my own best friend. I suppose it seems a bit insane, but it comes in handy at charity events.

  • Cheryl

    I live in Northern Michigan. I am so ready for Spring (40 degrees today!). I have 3 dogs, Max (7 yr. golden retriever/shepard mix), Bella (2 yr. Boston Terrier) & Bruno ( 8 mo. Boston Terrier Mix). I had trouble uploading pictures, but I do have a few on my page. Since my children are grown. They are my spoiled little babies.