Even heathens love their pets!

A place where we can share 'pet tales' and photos!
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  • Michelle

    My puppies Jack and Jim
  • deepthought42

  • Dani

    I had to sell one of my dogs and I miss her so much...here's Yoko:

    I miss that face!

    Funny sleeping face

  • Ted E Bear

    I live in an apartment which would be be really cruel for a dog...so my only alternative is to be my own best friend. I suppose it seems a bit insane, but it comes in handy at charity events.

  • Cheryl

    I live in Northern Michigan. I am so ready for Spring (40 degrees today!). I have 3 dogs, Max (7 yr. golden retriever/shepard mix), Bella (2 yr. Boston Terrier) & Bruno ( 8 mo. Boston Terrier Mix). I had trouble uploading pictures, but I do have a few on my page. Since my children are grown. They are my spoiled little babies.
  • Dan Drenberg

    Hey, I have 4 cats, 2 geckos, 3 turtles and just had to get rid of a beautiful corgi puppy.
    I want a zoo so badly... but sadly Im the only one working in my family so more pets isn't a smart idea.
  • Dan Drenberg

    OH, names, I love their names. Grimm, Lucien, Lilith, Lex "sqeezums" lovebutt (thats the cats), Draco & elijah (are the geckos), and the turtles are Yoshi, Jaws, and Bubba.
  • Stephanie

    We have a new puppy. I haven't raised a puppy ever! (We had a puppy when I was 11, but it falls to the parents to raise the puppy of course!) A girl brought in 8 puppies she found under her shed, gave them their first shots, and we brought one little girl home. We wanted to make sure she got along with our Great Dane and our Jack Russell. She does! Her name is Wednesday and she's a lab mix. Shar Pei maybe? She's super smart and we're taking her to her first training class on Thursday. She's 7 weeks old last friday.
  • deepthought42

    shar-pei and lab mix? Ooo! My family got our shar-pei last summer from the SPCA...he cracks me up sometimes. :)
  • Stephanie

    Yeah, we're not sure what she is. Her training class went GREAT! She already has an awesome default sit. She's 8 weeks old and when she wants something she sits in front of you instead of jumping up! She is already alerting us when she has to potty and she knows the morning and evening feeding routines. So exciting! Puppy raising is easy! ;)
  • deepthought42

    Lol...I've heard sharpei's are easy to house train. Torpedo was, thankfully. As for everything else, well, lol...

  • Luke

    Eternal Earth-Bound Pets: The next best thing to pet salvation in a...

    We may as well make a bit of money seeing as we have to put up with fundies anyway. Besides, a couple of viciuous dogs would be handy post-rapture.
  • deepthought42

    Torpedo says hi! He is a good Pastafarian (he loves spaghetti noodles in particular).

  • Jerry Howell

    Anyone with Rabbits?
  • Louis Davout

    And of course Tara and Bella are atheists. How did they get such good morals?
  • Christopher Raiti

  • Christopher Raiti

    That is Mister Tinkerbell, my Great Dane/Pitbull mix. He's almost four years old, very loving and playful. He's also great with kids and (usually) other animals. He did have an unpleasant event with the neighbor's dog recently, but don't worry, we got them both to the vet quickly and they both healed up nicely.
  • Christopher Raiti

    Actually, he's usually really good with other dogs. In fact, his little spat was after the neighbor's two dogs had already spent over a week sharing the house and yard with him. Most of our friends love to bring their dogs over to play with Tink. This was a rare occurrence, especially considering how much time he spends around other dogs.
  • Christopher Raiti

    Tink gets to play with a Rotty pup on occasion. Another friend of mine has a full grown Rotty who is too unruly to have around Tink. Tink does have that typical defensive mode when he's on a leash, so we rarely let him near other dogs on the leash.
  • Louis Davout

    Unlikely Animal Friends on National Geographic
    PrimeTime Airing Sat Sep 26
  • deepthought42

    Torpedo says hi. I have a couple new pics of him on My Page and some cute videos of him on Youtube. :)
  • Susan LaCroix

    I just joined this group today and I'm curious to see if there are any bird owners in the group. I currently have 4 lovebirds & a parrotlet. Over the years I've had a variety of parrots, large and small, and love them like they're my kids. The lovebirds in particular are so affectionate and love to snuggle inside my shirt collar or pockets. I'd love to find some folks with similar interests :D
  • HotMess

    Do chickens count? We usually have a small flock and love the eggs. Right now we are down to one old girl and have to fix up the coop before we can get a new batch.
  • Rudy V Kiist

    Susan, I know I'm a little late chiming in, but I have a white-capped pionus and a cockatiel. Both wonderful birds. And cowpunk...I have an Americana chicken I use for eggs as well. And lastly, Joseph...Love the long haired cats, but watch out when they get old. We have one that is now 20 and doesn't take care of his fur well. I'd post a pic, but he looks like crap (^_^). Reasonably healthy otherwise, but a constant war to keep the knots/clumps down. I'm always having to cut pieces out, so furs a little uneven
  • Gyongyi

    Help Haiti's Animals -- HSI on the Ground Now

    The suffering in Haiti is tremendous. Fortunately, aid for people is now flowing into the country. But what about the animals? Humane Society International (HSI) is on the ground to help.

  • Cheryl

    Top 10 Peeves Dogs Have with Humans!

    Check out the link below. Funny!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Smiling Pups!!!

  • Cheryl

    Dog Pack Attacks Gator. Check out link below.

  • Twiggy Kilgallon

    Hi i'm new! 4 dogs, 4 cats and 2 parrots, will post pics!
  • Sarah Walton

    I'm also new. I have a 9 year old female cat who just had two large lumps removed from her breast tissue. We're worried. :(
  • Sarah Walton

    Got news from the vet; not good. Our kitty has cancer and more surgery in her future. :(
  • Sarah Walton

    Los Gatos: Walk will benefit research to fight cancer in dogs
  • Steph S.

    Sorry to hear about your kitty Sarah.
  • Paula T.

    Any news about your kitty, Sarah?  I hope it is treatable.
  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    We loves um!

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

  • Chera Pickett

    Hey there! I'm new to the group. I have two shepherd rescues Mojo 11 and Sami 5. I have a kitty named Cooper age 7. I am a pet groomer and have worked with animals since I was around 14. I was so excited to see this group on here! Hopefully you guys are pretty active!

  • Paula T.

    Welcome Chera! Unfortunately, this group isn't very active :/ I will try to make a point of stopping in here and posting something pet related now and then, like Ruth did :)

    I had to have my female Rottie, Freya, put down last May and I still miss her so much. It was totally unexpected and happened so fast :( We still have my son's female, Isla, from Germany and brought home her step-sister last Fall. Bryn's parents are from the same kennel in Germany, but she was bred and born here. both gorgeous dogs. I'll try to find a good picture to post. And they both have tails!! Tail docking and ear cropping is outlawed in Europe, so I told our breeder that I wanted our new baby to have her tail. So cool the way Isla's tail curls right up on her back! :)
  • Tim L

    Hi, I'm new to the group too. I have two dogs, Akuma (Japanese for Devil) and Arsene (pronounced Arson)

    Here's Akuma

    and here is Arsene

  • FernWalker

    I have a long-haired German Shepherd named Leo, a young Standard Poodle named Sheldon and a beautiful tabby cat named Ivy.  They are very dear to me and keep me sane.  They're also very spoiled and get to sleep on the bed.  Sheldon's groomer plays loud Christian music while grooming, so I'm a little worried that Sheldon might be become born again and turn on the rest of us  heathens.  But the groomer does a good job.  I think Ivy is Jewish because when she gets upset her yowls sound like "Yahweh!  Yahweh!"

  • Kittie Wilkes

    Hi all! I'm a sucker for a desperate fuzzy face. My furry family consists of 4 cats, 5 bunnies (we adopted out two of them a couple days ago, or it would be 7!), a chinchilla, and a horse. Anyone who says an atheist can't understand love and compassion is welcome to drop by and handle doodie duty for a day ;)
  • Steph S.

    Oh what lovely pictures! Thank you all for sharing. I had an all black kitty... Maybe I could post some pictures .. Just need to pull them from iPhoto.
    How wonderful Kittie. There's a rabbit who lives in my yard .. I have a picture .. I'll find it and post it up for all of you.
  • Tommy

  • Tommy

    Great to find this group. I have 3 Aussies. I also make dog harness and collars for a living. Love working with the dogs.

  • annet

    Your pets are all gorgeous.  Doodie duty. lol! I have 3 wonderful cats.  I wish this was my dog.

  • Paula T.

    I always wonder how animals end up in certain positions...like the horse in your picture, Patricia!

    And a perfect caption! lol
  • deepthought42

    Torpedo, my family's shar-pei, had to have eye lid surgery today. Thanks to modern science, he is ok and now resting. Praise FSM! He isn't liking the cone though... :(

  • Paula T.

    Sorry to hear about Tornado's surgery and that he has to wear the cone.  I have rottweilers and in the past we've had to use the cone.  the poor things practically had to be led around so they didn't continuously run into walls and doorways.

    I received a catalog from "In the Company of Dogs" and they have a collar that helps keep pets from scratching or licking wounds.  Here is the link in case you want to check it out :)  


  • Steph S.

    Love all the cute pictures here.
    Sorry to hear about your dogs surgery Deepthought.
    Hope your dog gets better soon!
    Patricia love your Lols.