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  • Sean Murphy

    Wow. Read the psf, that's quite the religion you've got there. No more ridiculous than scientology or judeo-christianity, but no less either. The 'Big Bang' doesn't say anything exploded - the nickname was made up by detractors to poke fun at the idea that the universe changed over time - because everybody knew the universe exists in a perpetual steady state, unchanging and unchanged.

    Except we can measure the velocities of the stars within this galaxy, and within some nearby galaxies, and we can measure the velocities of distant galaxies, and the overall pattern is that the further away a galaxy is, the faster it is moving away from us. THAT is what the "bangers" say. Claiming that the big bang theory claims that ionized clods and winds don't exist in space is exactly the same as claiming evolution says we evolved from monkeys so the presence of monkeys still alive on Earth disproves evolution!

  • Sean Murphy

    Stupid fingers. I "Read the PDF" not the "psf"!

  • tom sarbeck

    Evidence, Sean; evidence.

    Religion and the Bang have millions of words but no evidence.

    Try again. Or suspend judgment, as scientists do.