Race, Ethnicity, & Culture

Beliefs about race and ethnicity influence our cultures, politics, and relationships.  What is race?  What is ethnicity?  This group explores those concepts.

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  • Bertold Brautigan

    Leonard Pitts, Jr. on Ben Carson rebranding slaves as immigrants--

    MARCH 7, 2017 7:00 PM
    Ben, you’re a fool — slaves were not immigrants

    [Miami Herald]

    It’s hard not to see this as part of an ongoing campaign by the political right to arrogate or neuter entirely the language of politics and social grievance. Consider how, in the last 25 years, “liberal” and “feminist” became curse words and “racism” was redefined as “speaking about race.” Now it’s becoming sadly common to hear enslaved Africans described as “workers,” “settlers” and, yes, “immigrants.”

    Words, you must understand, have weight and effect. So this campaign is neither incidental nor accidental. No, like Holocaust denial, it is an attempt to minimize and trivialize a crucible of agony, to rob it of pathos, to render it unworthy of reverence. It’s heartbreaking to have to explain to anyone why this is wrong.

  • Thomas Murray

    For anyone interested,

    I started reading, "A Different Mirror" by Ronald Takaki.He also wrote another similar book , "A different Mirror for Young People"

    Different Mirror reflects on the American history of multiculturalism. It looks like a promising read. So far, I find it to be a relief valve of my angers and frustrations of the stereotyping I encounter from people.

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Right, Bertold. Jeff Danziger's comic.

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