Eco-Logical: A Group for Environmentalists

Eco-Logical is a group for anyone who cares about clean air, drinkable water, a sustainable economy, and environmental justice.
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  • Joan Denoo

    Chris G. That graph showing exponential population growth is excellent and needs to be understood by everyone. 

    As to " is there is a more appropriate place to post" this? 

    I don't know. I keep looking for the right places for comments. Your pieces on "Eco-Logical: A Group for Environmentalists" seems perfect to me. 

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Interesting, Chris G.

    ... the main factor behind the continuing slump since 1970 - escalating over "the last eight years", was a lack of sufficient industrial innovation...

    So climate change and Wall Street corruption had nothing to do with the slump? <humph>

    image source

    Do you think the Californians battling the Blue Cut Fire would agree?

    BTW, please next time consider such a meaty posting for a new discussion, rather than just a comment.

  • Chris G

    Maybe some don't know why there is murcury in fish.

    Coal power plants emit murcury.