Atheist Ailurophiles

All things cat, and the nontheist people who love them.
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  • Grinning Cat

    What if Grumpy Cat, tribbles and evil aliens had kittens?

    Chipotle and Manchego, the "Alien Cats of Instagram", might be the result!

    And here's some proof cats of all kinds are aliens:

    (especially "They can change from a solid to a liquid" at 0:57!)

  • Joan Denoo

    I enjoyed these cat photos and videos; I'm off to sleep and will probably dream about cats fighting and eating cucumbers. Who would have known?

  • Grinning Cat

    A "lost" cat wandered into a Dutch pet store, and headed straight for the catnip toys:

    "Oh, and don’t worry: according to the original poster, the cat’s owner came to pick him up soon after and returned him home."

    (on Upvoted, via @punkwalrus on Twitter)