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  • Bertold Brautigan

    Dan Savage Raises $100,000 With ‘Impeach The Mother F*cker Already’ Swag
    And he isn’t planning to stop there.

    By Curtis M. Wong


    Dan Savage is using his disdain for President Donald Trump for great causes.

    The LGBTQ rights activist and author announced April 18 that he’d raised $100,000 for three organizations that are in direct opposition to Trump policies through the sale of ITMFA, or “Impeach The Mother F*cker Already,” merchandise.

  • The Flying Atheist

    Love that, Bertold!  It's interesting that when Republicans are on the short end of the stick they lash out with boorish behavior and cheating tactics to get back what they've lost.  But when Progressives are behind the eight-ball they organize, rally, and come to the rescue of those who are being hurt.  It really says a lot about the difference of mindset between those who have no shred of empathy and those who do.   

  • Loren Miller

    The thing is, Melania blew it with that comment she made about Obama's birth certificate.  She could have stayed away from that and been semi-okay, at least.  But NOOOOOOO!  She had to be a big shot, didn't she? / She had to open up her mouth!