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  • Bertold Brautigan

    Love the bishop's name!

    The Trinidad Express reports:

    People who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, homosexual or transgender should not have the same rights as “normal” people. That is the view expressed by the Christian non-governmental organisation, T&T Cause. The group is led by Bishop Keith Ramdass, Bishop Dr Victor Gill and Vernon De Leon and was formed “to resist the tide of immorality sweeping across our nation”.

  • Joan Denoo

    I know nothing about immorality of being GLBTQ, but I can think of a whole lot of reasons to think of religion and religious as being immoral. 

  • Plinius

    I talked to a xian from my past, and asked him what someone in a hetero marriage should do according to the xian's beliefs, when one of the partners comes out transgender. Choices are - to honour the marriage and stay together or to abandon partner because a gay marriage is bad in the eyes of his god. The loser could only talk about praying partner back into the closet. Talk about immorality!