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  • Joan Denoo

    "lack Protestants saw atheists as the biggest threat to physical safety"

    I wonder if black perceive atheists as a threat because of their history of the church being a "pressure release valve" for slaves?

    A black author wrote of taking their troubles to the "threshing field", I think was the term. I hope someone can correct my memory and remind of the author. His writings evoked a powerful feeling in me.

  • Bertold Brautigan


    Robertson Begs ‘The Gays’ to Only Do ‘Hand and Mouth Stuff’ Until After Hurricane Season

    VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA — Televangelist Pat Robertson told a podcast audience this week that he had a “special message and dire plea” for the LGBTQ community, who he referred to repeatedly as “The Gays.” Robertson said he wants the LGBTQ community to consider drastically cutting back on their sexual activity and limit it to “just hand and mouth stuff.”

    “I’m just afraid that God’s patience with butt sex is wearing thin is all,” Robertson said, “and the last thing we want is to incur his wrath simply because The Gays couldn’t keep their anal sex to a respectable level, is all.”

    Later, Robertson would clarify that to God no amount of anal sex acceptable.

    “You might think God and Jesus don’t have enough free time to care about the personal sexual orientation of every human being,” Robertson said, “but that just shows you don’t know Jesus Christ like I know him.”

    Christ, reached for comment, would tell us that Robertson is “totes cray” and doesn’t speak for all of Christendom, much less the majority of it.

  • Daniel W

    I will be taking a reduced role at Atheist Nexus as of Oct 1, 2017. I will not be moderating this group after that time, and I will be re-zeroing most of my groups and comments.

    That will leave this group without a moderator. Since this group was started by a member who hasn't visited Nexus for many years, it is not possible to select or designate a moderator. Instead, I will send notification to Br. Richard that the group will be without a moderator. It will then be up to him to decide how to proceed.

    Since this is a popular group, I recommend that a member start up a new group for quotations, so that the members can continue adding and reading their favorite quotes.

    Thanks and happy reading!