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  • Joan Denoo

    Grinning Cat, I love it!

  • The Flying Atheist

    I'm a pretty upbeat and optimistic person but sometimes I just want to give up on the future of humanity. Overly religious extremists may be a fringe part of our society by the numbers, but they sure are running the show by holding a disproportionate amount of government positions. I guess what annoys me most is that anyone in the same political party who may seemingly have moderate views votes for these measures as to not buck the party label.  Pathetic.

    And at the federal level as well.  Case in point...

    Lawmakers vote down LGBT rights measure

    "Shouts of "Shame, shame, shame," erupted in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday as Republican lawmakers narrowly defeated legislation to protect the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of government contractors."

    Good statement revisions, Joan and Grinning Cat.  You two, and the rest of you here, are the best of humanity.!

  • Daniel W

    Carl, I agree with your frustration.
    This, along with 1000 other reasons, is why we need to elect the Democrat presidential candidate, the Democrat senator and Congressional repressentative candidates, and democrats for local and governor offices. Republicans want to pack the SUpreme court and roll back current progress, re-legalize prior discrimination, create new discrimination, and engage in dangerous, sometimes lethal, scapegoating.

    I wish the corporate media would do a better job of highlighting tea-party abuses, and really show comparisons of how states do under liberal vs. conservative legislatures and governments. Which degree of progress and prosperity, health and freedom, do most AMericans want - Albania? Or Massachusetts? Mississippi? Or Washington State?