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  • The Flying Atheist

    Another great interview (and a cat.)

  • Daniel W

    Carl, thank you for posting.  Intersex folks need to be included at the top of the list.  Somehow, people who are intersex are often left out of the discussion.  That is unwise, unfair, and wrong.

    Ages ago, in my racist church, I got into trouble for asking "If no one can marry outside their race, then who do racially mixed people marry?"   The answer was never good - some people said interracial had to marry interracial people.  Some said they couldn't marry anyone.  Others said you had to marry the race that you looked the most like.   If you are 50% one thing and 50% another, then you have to marry someone with the same proportions of the same races.  My conclusion was that racists were just stupid.  They pretend race is an absolute barrier, but don't realize there is no barrier, only fuzzy overlay.  Which is good.  Fuzz is much more interesting and enjoyable than stone.

    With intersex, it's sort of a similar thing, barriers not being what we are taught.  If you have to marry "the other gender", and intersex people are both or neither, or something else, then who do they marry?  If only each other, then does that mean there are more than 2 genders?  If so, then the entire christian basis of man+woman falls apart.

    In the end, we are all only human.  We HAVE to stand up against medicalized genital mutilation by surgeons and paid for by health insurance.  It is not gender correction, and not gender assignment.  It is mutilation.

    Here is a video I liked a lot.  Different topic.  I think this kid is adorable.

  • The Flying Atheist

    Yeah, that's a great video as well, Daniel.  Thanks for posting it. 

    I also enjoyed your childhood story about interracial marriages.  So many of kids' "But why?" questions are asked because what they see just doesn't make sense in their eyes. 

    Just think about all the current fuss parents are making about allowing trans-gendered school students to use the bathroom in which they feel the most comfortable.  Some parents are outraged, but I bet if you surveyed the students, most would likely not even care or want it to be an issue.  That's why being a good parent (or mentor) is so crucial to our future.  Kids learn their values from adults.