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  • Joan Denoo

    I suppose I am not the only one who doesn't know the jargon  of the LGBTQ community, but what does m4m mean? 

    OH! Even the dictionary knows the lingo. 

    I can't say I am surprised, I can say that if the GOP perceives homosexuality a crime, then there are those who have a strong feeling of cognitive dissonance being in the Rep. party. 

  • Daniel W

    Carl, I found one article claiming that Mary Fallon is the worst gevernor of any state in the USA. Given some of the governors, that's a very low threshold. The article cited messing with capital punishment poison cocktails, refusing marriage benefits to ALL members of the nat guard so none would go to homos, and a few other things I forget. Well. She's certainly disinveted from my next birthday party! No zucchini carrot cake with coconut walnut chunk frosting for you, Mary "Cruella daVille" Fallin.
  • Joan Denoo

    Thank you, Daniel, for this very sweet and powerful film. As a heterosexual woman raised in a culture of rigid patriarchy, in some ways, it is easy to understand the challenges facing LGTB, and in other ways, I don't recognize the hurdles Gays encounter.