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  • Daniel W

    This guy says gay offfspring helps family survival, and is an evolutionary advantage for that reason.  I've heard that theoretical concept before.  He backs it up a little more, and adds the now trendy epigenetics to the mix.  The evidence here is for gay men.  He speculates, without evidence, this would also be true for Lesbians.  Maybe it is.  For other sexual minorites, the biology and sociobiology are anybody's guess.  Without research, we won't know.

    I like having some support. It's nice that once his son came out to him, he was, or became, supportive. Gay people often play the role of teaching their parents and community that we are not some sort of horrible demons.  It's a burden.  Without it, we would be in worse shape than we are.  Also too bad that in societies that murder and ostracize gay people, this means that straights reduce their own privilege by eliminating the family members most likely to help their own families thrive.  That suggests that they punish themselves and their families, by punishing their gay children.

    I gave immeasurable care to my parents as they aged.  I had to lie and say the cost was minimal, and the effort wasn't much, so tthey would accept that care.  That makes it thankless, but I would do it again.

  • Idaho Spud

    Wow!  Very interesting video.  I've never heard anything like that before.  It's a beautiful theory.  It even made me cry.

  • Loren Miller

    Daniel, that video was a genuine mind-bender, and it may have provided a couple data points on just how I got to be where I am on the sexual spectrum.

    Molte grazie, bro.