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  • The Flying Atheist

    I'm sure most of you have heard this news, but I didn't want this great achievement to go unrecognized in this forum.  This is a historic event for an Asian country.

    Taiwan Legalizes Same-sex Marriage

  • Daniel W

    Carl, Im trying to figure out the Taiwan ruling.  I get the feeling it does not legalize gay marriage immediately, but rather requires that the legislature come up with a gay marriage law within 2 years.  I might be wrong, it would not surprise me.  Even so  the ruling us very good, and historic.  Who else in Asia would do that.  I dont know.

  • The Flying Atheist

    Daniel, I'm not familiar with the details of the Taiwan marriage ruling.  You may be correct about their legislative process.  Of course our ruling came via a court decision.  I'm not sure what events led up to the ruling in Taiwan.