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  • Bertold Brautigan

    And I really love his corollary. Something to the effect that if ignorance of nature creates gods, knowledge of nature is for their destruction.

  • tom sarbeck

    Yeah, Bert. it works both ways. It's why we can't let Trump's Betsy DeVos wreck the public schools.
  • Daniel W

    Fewer atheist news stories today.

    FFRF aiming to remove yet another cross from public land.  This one is in southeast Texas. 

    Here's the trailer for that Madalyn Murray O'Hair Netflix movie "The Most Hated Woman in America".  Should be available on Netflix now, I haven't tried to watch yet.  “There’s an absolute steady retreat,” she said in an interview in 1989, “into what I call neofascism – but it’s really old-time fascism – into a robber-baron society and a religiously dominated society, and that’s not cyclical because they have new weapons at hand now, mainly communications technology with which they can rapidly disperse ideas.”

    6,500 women in Egypt filed for divorce in 2015 due to their husband's "atheism or change of beleif".  Hard to interpret that phrase.  Buried elsewhere in the article, Egypt has 866 atheists, more than any other middle eastern country.  "Libya has only 34, Sudan 70, Yemen 32, Tunisia 329, Syria 56, Iraq 242, Saudi Arabia 178, Jordan 170, and Morocco 325"  I would take any such numbers with a big grain of salt.

    Atheist preaches a respectful sermon in a Brazilian church.   The sermon is in the link.