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  • Grinning Cat

    ...I don't want [tRump in our group], and I suspect that he's highly religious when it comes to worshiping the diety, "Donald Trump"...

    With our Republican president*'s budget blueprint that's likely to kill more Americans every quarter than al-Qaeda and ISIS-inspired terrorist attacks have killed over twenty years, "die"ty is an apt description!

    Sometime last year I heard a quip that evangelical Christians and tRump are an excellent match. Evangelicals are all about obeying God, and tRump thinks he is God.

  • Daniel W

    I probably should not have included the article about the president.  It's like when you remodel and do work on dry wall, and the dry wall dust permeates everything in the house no matter how well you tape plastic across the doorways.  I check Nexus less these days because of that.  I hope the other articles are useful.

  • tom sarbeck

    Daniel, O'Hair was indeed a hero but do use care with words. She did NOT get prayer removed from public schools; she got OFFICIAL prayer removed. Any kid who wants to pray privately can do so at any time.

    No public employee may lawfully mandate prayer or use school time or property (PA systems, etc) to impose it.