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  • Joseph P

    I have OCD, if that helps.
  • sehkmet

    I've not commented here in quite some time because of trolls and women with the Stockholm Syndrome.  I look in every now and then to see if things have improved, but they haven't.  I doubt I will comment  after this, but I had to point out that it is true that people leave because of the misogyny.
  • TNT666

    Dear me, talk about patriarchal infantilisation of women at it's best, little pink candy????? are you serious????????? This type of junk is part of the very essence of patriarchy.
  • dr kellie

    Now see, this is the reason I was hesitant to join a feminist group.  Isn't it ok to like what you like and let others like what they like?  I'm a dyke and two of my favorite hygiene rituals are shaving my legs and giving myself a pearl pink pedicure.  You are a brilliant woman, TNT, and I'm sure you have your reasons and I always like to hear them because you have a knack for making me think about things from your perspective as I peel back the layers of a religious childhood.  Is little pink candy really that bad?:)

  • Pamela


    Don't leave angry....just leave!




    Really???  You even find pink candy threatening??  And they call ME militant!

  • TNT666

    pink sigh.............

    My sexy spaghetti strap pink top I used to wear at atheist meetings states: Even atheists scream your name during sex! It's my only pink garment.

    Pink is not a colour preference, pink is a patriarchal commercial statement about femininity. But in this case it was used to goad the previous poster. The patriarchal imposition of pink could be the root cause of FtM trans! Pink is such a socio-politically laden word that it's one of the 200 filters I apply to my email, in a subject line is an auto-spam reject.

    To me, since nothing is religious or has ever been, EVERYTHING is political, every word, every action, every purchase. Often times even my friendships are political, only a real good dose of humour and/or inebriation can momentarily turn off my patriarchal-religious radar.

    As for pedis, I usually opt for French. Political decision again. The history of the "French" manicure is to cover up dirt under finger nails. The French have historically been very adept at camouflaging human imperfections: perfumes, toupets, etc. :)

  • TNT666

    Pam... Nothing is threatening, only annoying and insulting
  • dr kellie

    How dare you post a picture of a house made out of dead gingers! 

    TNT, you may be correct about the FtM thing.  We could all use less gender bullshit. 

  • TNT666

    Winnipeg Free Press - ONLINE EDITION

    Justice Dewar removed from cases of 'sexual nature'

    Manitoba Justice Robert Dewar gave a convicted rapist a two-year conditional sentence. [...] will stop handling criminal cases "of a sexual nature" pending an ongoing federal review.

    Queen’s Bench Chief Justice Glenn Joyal issued a written statement Tuesday afternoon saying Justice Robert Dewar will continue sitting on the bench but with a limited caseload.[...]

    Last week, the province announced they were filing a complaint with the Canadian Judicial Council over remarks made by Dewar at a sexual assault sentencing in Thompson.

    Jennifer Howard, minister responsible for the status of women, said she is concerned the judge's comments will cause future victims to fear they will be blamed for attacks against them.

    At a sentencing hearing Feb. 18, Dewar suggested a victim's attire and flirtatious behaviour were partly to blame for the attack, which involved forced intercourse. The judge called the attacker, Kenneth Rhodes, a "clumsy Don Juan" and noted the victim wore a tube top, high heels and plenty of makeup. He gave Rhodes a conditional sentence - no jail time - of two years, rejecting a Crown suggestion of at least three years behind bars.

    [...] Dewar’s remarks - included "sex was in the air" the night the woman was raped - would deter other victims from coming forward in the future.[...]

    A spokeswoman for the Manitoba Justice Department said Friday the Crown has ordered a transcript of the Rhodes sentencing and will review whether there are grounds for appeal. It has 30 days to do that.

    Anyone can file a complaint against a judge with the Canadian Judicial Council. After investigating a complaint, the council can make recommendations that include removing a judge from office. The council says on its website it handles most complaints within three months.

  • TNT666

    Same judge did same thing last year...

    Last summer, Dewar acquitted a man charged with several counts of sexually assaulting a young girl. The Crown appealed the ruling, arguing Dewar erred in his assessment of the accused man’s evidence and the evidence of the alleged victim, and that Dewar engaged in “inappropriate speculation.”

    The appeal was heard earlier this month. The high court has reserved its decision.

  • Rob van Senten

    'Pink is not a colour preference, pink is a patriarchal commercial statement about femininity."


    If I were to be asked to give an example of why feminism has such a bad name to so many people in Western Europe, I can now point to another "beautiful" example. 


    "only a real good dose of humour and/or inebriation can momentarily turn off my patriarchal-religious radar."

    I thought about replying to you with humor so your radar wouldn't activate, but I couldn't find the option to make my text pink.

  • TNT666

    Instead of the "Red White and Blue", we have the pink and blue impositions of patriarchy. I've refused to wear either colour since I was a child, they both stink!
  • Sandy

    Something I've often found interesting is the way so many little girls seem to love pink. I've noticed this even among the daughters of feminist friends and girls growing up in off-grid locations without the influence of television and shopping malls. Can't say I've noticed the same thing with boys preferring blue - if anything, they seem to be pretty much uninterested in the whole concept of "favourite" colours.

  • TNT666

    So where were they seeing this colour pink, while shopping? with attractive female marketing, in books? with attractive female images? As a kid, the only pink in my life was those 2 pencils in my76- Prismacolour set...
  • Sandy

    How about flowers? Rose petals, carnations, the blush on a daisy, etc. And didn't you ever see a sunset as a child? Pink is just a naturally occurring colour like orange or violet or sky blue. There's nothing sinister about it, but I maintain that girls, on the whole, seem to find it attractive. And why not? It's nicer to look at than diarrhoea yellow or snot green - especially if you're not looking at it through any culturally created filters.
  • TNT666

    That would be an interesting study. Take a group of 2-3 y/o boys and girls who have not been swathed in appropriately pink or blue blankies or PJs, place them in a field of natural wild flowers and see if pink out-attracts other colours in either sex. I'm guessing not. I'm guessing yellows and reds and purples and purples and whites and pintos will be equally popular.
  • SecretWombat

    Pink as a girl's colour is a fairly recent cultural invention. Prior to the 20th century girls in Europe were largely dressed in light blue because it was the colour of the Virgin Mary. Pink, on the other hand, was a subdued form of red - a colour perceived as masculine and active and hence considered appropriate for boys. It's worth noting that traditional Disney heroines wore blue.

    There are many cultural connotations associated with different colours. There's nothing wrong with the colours themselves, it's the assumptions that a society constructs around them that can be detrimental.

    For those who think that pink is fine because they don't see through these cultural filters, that's great. Remember your position next time you buy an item for a boy or man and choose pink to demonstrate how culturally neutral you really are!
  • Joseph P

    I have a pink, button-down shirt.  Goes well with black slacks.
  • dr kellie

    That is amazing.  Who knew?  I guess this over 40, over educated, single person qualifies, although I don't call myself a trekkie, even though I love me some Star Trek! 

  • TNT666

  • Marissa Michael

    I'm quite sure most of you have read or know Half the Sky by Kristof and WuDunn. If you have not, it is highly recommended from this literary junkie. The narration is strong (never boring; and I bore easily) and it's an incredibly informative piece with personal stories threaded through it's core.
  • Prog Rock Girl

    Communist or anarchist response, complete with memorized vocabulary. She doesn't have anything close to a monopoly on scientific opinion.
  • TNT666

    The points addressed in the video are correct. However I wouldn't use the terminology "scientific", as it's irrelevant, but she's correct in historical terms... unless one is part of the neo-liberal religion, which corresponds to most of the USA and Canadian population. Neo-liberalism is indistinguishable from Christianity. Interesting how policies created with the intent of "equality" result in mostly... equality. But true egalitarianism is not something that flies with modern Christianity, which is all about elitism.
  • Marissa Michael

    Ugh, I watched it. Thanks for sharing; however, I fail to see the point in this video. It seems it's her angry opinion to an article published prior to the book (no science in here, come on). Many of the arguments she is pushing are "liars" "liars". Kristof WuDunn did some amazing research but please don't accept ANY sort of literature as "word of the lord." {Haven't we already seen the detriment of that acceptance?}
    This video spends a lot of time blowing air around about how sweatshops do not empower women--of course they don't. I'm quite sure the authors aren't saying "yes, sweatshops good. best thing to happen to women." But they are reaching out to their readers and challenging them to think about it a different way. And they absolutely are not saying that Imperialism ended footbinding. They are just showing that cultural taboos can be left in the past. Again, I think Taylor is taking this far too literally. Please don't forget to consider author's intentions. The Grimm's Fairy Tales were not written to desensitize children from guts and gore. Intentions aren't always written in the text.
    Also, she spends some time telling us that the efforts Kristof WuDunn are pushing only further marginalize women in third world countries. But there's no specific example--can you tell us what you are talking about? Our authors give us many ways to get involved from simply staying informed or by searching out an organization that doesn't just throw money. I think that's excellent advice, especially for the average human being that may think sending a portion of their paycheck to any organization will help. It's a start. And they don't just give one organization, they give many as well as personal narratives about each of them. Sure, some are a lot more practical than others. But that's why we have brains--so we can do our own research and decide for ourselves.
  • Marissa Michael

    Yikes! I don't believe we are on the same page. Perhaps I was not very clear as your disection of my video rebuttal is not what I meant, at all. I apologize for your ruffled feathers--no need to belittle me. I suppose my point was that from a literary standpoint, I believe the authors did some great research (even with 'solutions' excluded). We hear impersonal figures about human trafficking (amongst other topics addressed) but the authors take you into the personal world of several women. I'm quite alright if you disagree with the value of the novel. No need to attack.
  • david hartley

    Just found this on the blog 'Get Your Boehner Out Of My Uterus' not knew but worthy of drawing attention to.

  • Susan Stanko

    TByte was good for something.  He prompted me to join this group.
  • Sushi Q

    Americans - Protest the Insanity. Tell your state governor NOT to support the crazy HERE: http://j.mp/kWKXUW

    This is time-sensitive. Be heard now!
  • Steph S.

    Thank you for the link -- I just read that story.  Brianna was smart to stick up for herself and not become a victim.
  • annet

    Small postive steps for Saudi women.


    King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz's announcement that women are theoretically to be given the same opportunities for political participation as men is potentially the most important advance for Saudi women's rights in decades, and underscores the king's reformist stature


  • Steph S.

    Kelly thanks for that picture -- I agree it is very disgusting.

  • Steph S.

    Thanks for the NPR link Nerd -- I just read that article.

  • Anthony Graham

    Women's Committee Position National Atheist Party 

    I thought I'd bring to your attention available positions for individuals interested in women's issues with the National Atheist Party's Diversity Council. The ad can be found here- http://www.usanap.org/available-positions/womens-committee-member.h... . If you have any questions please let me know! Please help promote these positions to help Atheist women get a voice!


     Anthony Graham 
    Anthropology and Sociology Advisor 
    Chair of the Diversity Council 
    National Atheist Party 


  • Steph S.

    I'll check that link out -- thanks!

  • Steph S.

    "she has the right to define her own self instead of being defined by some creep’s point of view"
    Ruth posted a discussion on this -- check it out

  • Steph S.

    Hello everyone!
  • Richard ∑wald

  • TNT666

    Thanks, and ditto to all here. :)
    I'm spending the day at my local women's centre watching pertinent films, eating, and discussing.

  • Richard ∑wald

    From the good folk at MoveOn...

  • Steph S.

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    From Cracked.com "If Tattoos Actually Told the Truth"

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    This item from Cracked.com's "21 Classes We Wish We Could Force People to Take" made me laugh. And yes, I've cleaned toilets.

  • Kelsey

    I wish the news would stop talking about the queen long enough to deal with the bill in the house to make “sex selection abortions” illegal.

  • TNT666

    pfew, I haven't been hearing anything about the Queen, but ANY form of foetal selectivity process is horrible. Failing sterilisation, abort them all equally!

  • Kelsey

    Haha that just made my day ^.^

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Vintage Kellogs ad

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner