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This is the place to post that hilarious irreligious YouTube video, an irreverent, anti-religious cartoon, or other humorous bit of media. Posts that do not reflect an atheist/irreligious theme will be deleted. (Don't make me go Old Testament.)
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  • The Flying Atheist

    For fuck's sake, I'm embarrassed for humanity....

  • Patricia

    Can't stand these people, & others of their ilk!

  • Joan Denoo

    Carl, let's celebrate loudly and visibly, the event of the shortest day of the year. The days begin to get longer, the nights shorter, and we can be grateful for the depth of winter as an opportunity to appreciate all that we have, revel with family and friends, and remember those who have come before us. 

    I dislike the commercialization of the season and I choose not to give purchased gifts. I cook, or photograph, or host events with great joy. 

    I like to spend part of my time and effort on behalf of the poor. 

    "Merry Winter Solstice!"

    "Christmas is only ‘Christian’ because ancient winter pagan celebrations were incorporated by the Church."

    ~Richard Dawkins

    "Evergreens have been part of human celebrations at least as far back as the Egyptians as a symbol of the triumph of life over death."

    "Feasts have been part of human culture since long before we worshipped a monotheistic god."

    "Music too has its role in the universal human experience: singing, drumming, and dancing were part of the celebration – whatever particular gods or goddesses the people worshipped. Long dark winter nights would have lost their gloom with the warmth of a fire and voices raised in song."

    "Celebration is not owned by any one culture and especially not by any one religion. It is part of our humanity."

    "Families and friends are what create the celebration of the season,"

    "Christmas is also a time to remember family and friends who are no longer with us.

    ~ "All these quotes come from R. Elisabeth Cornwell