Hang With Friends

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  • kathy: ky

    But,.. but,. CHRIS,. don't you know Jesus is going to be here immediately following the eclipse. Lol
    Some nut posted it on the local Facebook so you know it's true. Otherwise it wouldn't have been posted.
  • Plinius

    LOL, he's still searching for eclipse glasses!

  • Joan Denoo

    I wonder how many square feet consist of usable space, for books, for small discussion groups, for interactive activities? 

    I wonder if customers come away from the museum of the bible with a feeling of being talked to, of hearing lectures about what it means to care for others, to make sacrifices to improve lives, to feed the hungry, house the homeless, or to protect the weak? 

    With beautiful pictures on the wall and ceiling if the paying public came away with a shiver because of seeing magic happen in those long ago places?

    I ponder if spectacular theaters with grand performances offering up music, dance, drama, and comedy if the spectators experienced a sense of belonging to a community, and of participation in life?

    In reflection, does one come away from that experience feeling overwhelmed by the stories of supernatural events beyond one's control?

    I look around me seeing current events full of hatred, chaos, confusion, and fear and I wonder if the Museum of the Bible makes a difference in my world?

    Would a visit to the field accomplish more?