Hang With Friends

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  • Joan Denoo

    Patricia, we worried about the wet spring weather we had and all the vegetation that flourished. This summer and fall will undoubtedly be a bad fire season. 

    Do you have nearby fires? 

    They do not help, given all the health issues you and Rick face this year. 

  • Patricia

    Joan, we had one on Fox Mountain right behind us, but they got it looked after right away. We watched the planes from the back windows. Nothing else too nearby yet, but yesterdays electrical storm started 98 new fires. We've had over 300 so far this season.

    Rick is having his surgery July 5th, & he needs recovery time before worrying about evacuation. My surgeon wants me to have my other hip done within a couple of months, & that recovery is 6 months.

    I still maintain these climate change deniers should have to fight some of these wildfires from April, to October!

  • Patricia