Hang With Friends

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  • Joan Denoo

    Carl, thanks for posting "Pennies from heaven". 

    Craig and Laura were born Feb. 21, 1964. It seems like yesterday. Cary was five months, 13 days old when they were born.

    That was a very busy year for me. 

  • Randall Smith

    Yes, welcome, Jonathon. Surprised you still have your mother's ashes. 

    Nice photo, Ruth--except for that stupid "star" on your left cheek!

    Blackberries this time of year, Ian? Wow!

    Carl, I've had to turn on my furnace. Cutting more wood today so I won't have to use propane this winter.

  • Ian Mason

    That's bad, Chris. One of the less tangible problems but a serious one. As you say, 'how to prove it.'