Hang With Friends

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  • k.h. ky

    I've found a prayer I can get behind. By Chuck Lorre:

    A nonpartisan, nondenominational prayer for America
    Please make this election be over soon
  • Qiana-Maieev

    Nice to see pictures of your areas, and the windmill is very scenic.

    The USA election is a fright, and unfortunately it will affect the rest of us. 

    Saw  quickie interview with Melania, & she comes across as a zombie who parroted what hubby said. I cannot see her coming anywhere near Mrs. Obama's shoes!

  • Randall Smith

    Speaking of windmills, my county (in Indiana) has a controversy raging on whether to permit landowners to have them built or not. I'm not sure who has the final word--zoning comission?