Hang With Friends

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  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Google just redesigned their website, and to me it's unusable. Despite their claim to add fact checking, I can't deal with predigested news through a straw. Can anybody recommend a different all purpose news site?

    Sorry I've been mostly absent in the group. These days reading political news and writing letters to legislators is a full time job. I start reading news after morning tea, and other than eating breakfast work at it till I barely manage to get the letters in the 5PM post. By then my head is spinning, I'm hungry for lunch, and haven't even had a shower yet. So Hang With Friends tends to fall off the bottom of my list before end of day.

    Joan, I will follow your Kondratieff Cycle link when I have time and brain cells. Off the top of my head that health care improvement of the 6th cycle doesn't sound like a plausible parallel.

  • Ian Mason

    I've heard from Joan that she's hors de combat with a broken foot. No doubt we'll hear from her again soon.

    I too was a bit puzzled by that last cycle crisis. Health as a cause?

    Local supermarkets in Denmark are now selling local produce at double and tripple prices. I think they're milking a trend for all it's worth and a bit more.

    Dig for victory! During WW2 every bit of land in Britain was supposed to be used for food production, including many of the parks.

  • Daniel W

    Ian I would love to see everyone who can, grow fruits and vegetabkes on their properties, allotments, community gardend, vacant lots, etc! 

    Distressed to hear about Joan's fracture.  Dammit.