Chris Gazaway


White City, OR

United States

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  • Jedi Wanderer

    Hello Chris, as it happens I am also ex-Army and currently married to a Turkish woman! Was your wife also Muslim?
  • Jedi Wanderer

    I have never heard of the Alevi, however, after a look at Wikipedia, it sounds pretty good (comparatively), especially their treatment of women. Did you have any kids? I too suffered some setbacks around 9/11. Pretty weird coincidences. Drop me a line sometime, would love to talk more with you.
  • Nathan Todd Dickey

    Hello, I read your post on the Oregon Atheists group page. I am an outspoken atheist student and current service member (Cadet) studying at Southern Oregon University, living in Ashland. You may be interested to know about The Jefferson Center, an small group of skeptics and nontheists that meets here in Ashland: