Loren Miller


Cleveland, OH

United States

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I'm a semi-retired electrical engineer who has a rather eclectic background, never mind a few miles on the odometer. I suppose I was an "apatheist" for quite a while - largely indifferent to the whole issue of gods - but after 9/11 and the more blatant appearance of evangelicals and Dominionists on the scene, my atheism has finally come to the fore.

Other interests include high-end stereo and home theater (and with that, CD and DVD collecting), BMWs and general car enthusiasm, single-malt whisky and biking.

I flatter myself that I know my way around Atheist Nexus at least reasonably well (I've been here since November of 2009), so if you need a hand with something, please don't hesitate to give a shout.

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  • John Elder

    Thanks Loren, I am giving it some thought. Staying I mean. Truth is I am really sick of the abuse and trolling some people who will remain unnamed have done for years with no consequence even though the "Nexus Rules" do prohibit such. If we are going to tolerate constant abusive behavior towards anyone who doesn't buy into pseudoscience and dares to return sarcasm in defense, well, I find it hard to believe the Nexus is a site for rationality as claimed. Maybe I'll cool off and stay, but I am really offended by being chided for not playing nice with an aggressive ranter who is well known to be over the top by many. Best always, John 

  • Teresa Roberts

    Who's your muse? LOL

  • Joan Denoo

    I'm trying to remember how to get a video into comments without losing height or width. Will you please remind me of the dimensions that work for video?