Loren Miller


Cleveland, OH

United States

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I'm a semi-retired electrical engineer who has a rather eclectic background, never mind a few miles on the odometer. I suppose I was an "apatheist" for quite a while - largely indifferent to the whole issue of gods - but after 9/11 and the more blatant appearance of evangelicals and Dominionists on the scene, my atheism has finally come to the fore.

Other interests include high-end stereo and home theater (and with that, CD and DVD collecting), BMWs and general car enthusiasm, single-malt whisky and biking.

I flatter myself that I know my way around Atheist Nexus at least reasonably well (I've been here since November of 2009), so if you need a hand with something, please don't hesitate to give a shout.

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  • Marianne Seals-Vahrenholt

    New friend Loren!

    Keep coming back here. Learning, that many people share my frame of mind. Thx a bunch for creating this site.

    Everyone have a great 2018!!

    Warm greeting from Germany

  • Chris

    Great quote Loren.

    "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.
    -- Upton Sinclair

  • shane clark

    Thanks for the welcome Loren,Greetings to all from New Zealand, it's currently 7.45 am Monday morning....so if you want to know the future???? just ask me :-).  oh and by the way....jesus is coming....its pissing down with rain here at the moment....see infalible proof, anyone got a towel?

     i look forward to learning more of Dan Barker and Jerry De Witt.


    all the best people, keep up the good work

    best regards shane