tom sarbeck


Yountville, CA

United States

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Born Dec 1930. Atheist 6yrs; Catholic 20yrs; Agnostic 52yrs; Atheist 6yrs; Materialist.
Cincinnati until 1947, St. Pete FL until 1950, US Navy until 1952, St. Pete until 1954, Gainesville (UofF) until 1961, Tallahassee (FlaStUniv) until 1962, into computers where I became a migratory worker (St. Pete, Daytona Beach, Houston, Austin, Phoenix). Retired to San Francisco then Yountville.

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  • Diane Berlin

    Well I have a good friend who just moved to Nolensville. She loves it there but she is very Christian and has already joined a church. So that will be her social life. I want to be able to fit in and make friends without having to join a church. She knows that I'm not religious but doesn't know about my growing hostility with religious Bible thumpers who seem
    M to be getting more judge mental than ever. My mom is Evangelical and has stopped trying to save me. I hate living in Southern California because it is so crowded and expensive and there is no nature but I'm not sure if Tn would work. It would be a place to retire to. Husband is in the music business
  • Loren Miller

    Tom, regarding how to add pix, all I can tell you is how I've long since done it on my "How To Do It" page.  If you can show me a specific instance where you want to add a picture and it isn't working, I can look at that.  Otherwise, I have nothing to go by.

  • Patricia

    No, I don't really discuss it, I just like to try to learn something.

    Thanks for adding me.