Missi Kent


Belleville ontario


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  • Steph S.

    Greetings! Welcome to the site!

  • Brent Feeney

    Welcome aboard! =)  Hope this finds you well today...

  • Richard ∑wald

    Welcome to NA, I'm Canadian as well, …I moved down below the Mason-Dixon Line 2 years ago to spread the good (left-wing-atheist) news in the U.S. Bible Belt, …well that and I met my future wife online, …and she's down here.

    "hello everyone. I'm trying to get readers for my anti-theist blog. check it out http://missithegodless.blogspot.com/"

    See if you can set up your blog to accept comments under Atheist Nexus I.D.s, this might get you more comments and traffic from this site...