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  • Tony Baldwin

    Thanks for the welcome, and sorry it took me so long to reply. I guess I signed up and forgot to come back...o0ps!

  • Ernst Hansen



    Thank you for your welcome (2011) and sorry for being late! (I really enjoyed your welcome, but conceited, I didn't want to expose my poor English)


    Brought up in a Pentecost-family, but living in a country (Sweden) with 85% atheists I ought to, mentally, feel at home rather in a country with 85% believers, so I read Nexus with high recognition.


    With no problem being an atheist, I can pity the minorities of believers here. After all, our common forefather invented religions, deities, angels etc. So for me it's why?


    50 years as an atheist (And chemist) my great interest is now evolution and cosmology, topics with build-in evolution. So I'm very grateful living in era with free papers like The Scientist where you can read of all subjects outside your own sphere. If you can sort out the rubbish Internet is a "blessing". ( I like biblical words because they are so human)


    Best whishes



  • Natasha's Pet Ape

    It is great that you know that this is fantasy, if only that could be successfully applied to the mythology of the bible.