Ashley Webber


El Paso, TX

United States

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  • Ricky Charette

    no but i was considering moving to texas to get out of this stupid state california so im sure ill make it out someday soon plus i have friends that live in frankston, dallas, and amarillo
  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Greetings, Ashley! I'd like to invite you to a group where we talk about anything on our minds, Hang With Friends. :D

  • Dr. Terence Meaden

    Hi Ashley, and welcome to this rational world of Internet atheism---a haven from the superstitions and fictional god of the masses. 

    "Well-founded common sense inevitably leads to atheism."

    We invite you to make good friends by joining the busy group "ORIGINS: Universe, Astronomy, Life, Earth, Humans, Religion, Gods, Atheism, Evolution, Darwin..." with its 470 discussion topics and 2690 members.

    Terence Meaden