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  • Boo

    Hi Rudy! I was reading your comments on the Canadian page and I have to say.... It is quite a task to put forth logic to those whom have already decided against it and will only use frail arguments to counter your point of view. It's completely analogous to trying to counter christian arguments using logic. But congratulations on trying! I'm sorry you were countered with further bigotry and ignorance.
  • Boo

    I would like to say it really isn't that bad, but it is. We're forced into little English pockets, almost like reservations; we keep quiet without our heads down. I'm waiting for them to burst into my house and force me to use french oven mitts or something. It's all ignorance I hope will disappear with the global expanse we're experiencing. One can only wait and see.
  • Lori Wenger

    I could have sworn we were friends already.  WTF