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  • Lori Gilliland

    Welcome to the Nexus Zeeman,
    I am also a newbie to this site, but I have been an avid internet atheist for 10 years. After a decade of wandering the vast empty web I am glad to see this type of site. It was long overdue.
  • Adam

    I am not a number. I am a man!

    Thanks for the comment.
  • kimba

    Allah and Vishnu love you too!
  • Jude Johnson

    Hi zeeman. Your comment on the blog "People in PC" cracked me up. I try not to be critical of people -- but if someone posts a blog about how stupid people are -- which includes no punctuation, terrible grammar, and made-up words -- then they've got to expect a few critical comments.
  • Jude Johnson

    I know what you mean. Mostly I just feel sorry for someone who makes it to the age 18 to 22 group who hasn't been taught to write (or probably speak) properly. It makes me sad. And unfortunately, we can't just blame her Christian highschool. I've seen this all over -- even with my professional writer coworkers.

    Thanks for the friend add!
    PS: George Carlin was great!!!

    By the way: I'm sure you've been well-informed about the Christian ads on AN by now, but
    Brother Richard
    has a funny cartoon about this on his page (click to see the last one of his photos.)
    Glad you're enjoying AN!
  • skye AKA rembrandt

    my schools not a christian school its just the name and i was only making fun of the other people and no they dont leave anything out of the curriculum
  • The Virgin Marlene

    friends, sounds like a match to me
  • The Virgin Marlene

    we do tour pretty often. When we play LA I will let you know for sure.
  • Jude Johnson

    Yes, she Skyed me good!
    I don't think I'm worthy to argue with such thought-out and well-written points. She put me right in my place. Ouch!

    Have a good evening Zeeman!
  • cj the cynic

    Haha, "Homosexual Agenda". I love that.
  • Reality Activist

    This may not be relevant, but it is worth saying. Sinus problems frequently are caused by tooth problems. If you have a sore tooth or maybe a congenital malformed tooth, it can cause inflammation of the sinuses. You have lived with this problem for a long time so you may have already ruled this particular cause out. Look for a slightly painful tooth or the area above the tooth. A trip to the dentist might clear up your sinuses.
  • Reality Activist

    Oh...only a doctor can make a diagnosis. I'm just passing along some information not to be confused with medical advice. I base this information on my own personal experience. Consult a physician for appropriate medical advice. In my case, the doctor missed the cause of my sinus problems.

    Nope - the tattoo is not mine but I thought it was a pretty cool one. I occasionally collect pictures for my sister - she has lots of tats.
  • Jess

    Thanks! I joined!
  • bruce gleason

    what city are you in? my group is in vill park. see backyardskeptics.com
  • steven

    hell o.
  • Rev Hellbound Alleee

    Zeeman, or is it "Superwoman?" Thanks for being a Bobby. That's really "gettin' it together!"
  • Rev Hellbound Alleee

    Has anyone seen Kelley (looks concerned)?