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Madalyn Murray OHair, Sagan, Dawkins and GrandUnifiedMusic*s.. favs

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  • Steph S.

    I got your invite to the group - it says your have to approve me.

    So thanks for inviting me. : )

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Please edit your off topic reply to my discussion about Syria to remove "niggas", as this is racist. If you haven't removed that word by tomorrow, I'll delete your comment.

    Also, your contribution deserves it's own discussion. It will get lost buried in a political discussion of intervention  of Syria and Climate Change. Were I you I'd just remove it and paste the nonracist portion into a new discussion. That way people will be able to find it, and you'll be notified in your profile's activity list when someone posts a reply to what you said.

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Just because something's colloquial doesn't mean it isn't racist.