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Madalyn Murray OHair, Sagan, Dawkins and GrandUnifiedMusic*s.. favs

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  • Carolyn R

    Your profile photo slideshow is packed with deliciousness.
  • Carolyn R

    I am not at all involved in the art scene here, or anything very hip or interesting - 10 or 15 years ago I might have been able to hook you up, now I'm helping my little girl sell magazine subscriptions for her Daisy troop, and similarly homey & pedestrian things. Madison in general though, is fantastic, and has a great cultural landscape, as well as being open & friendly. If you're seriously looking for galleries and that kind of thing I'll put you in touch with some old friends in Chicago, I have a few friends in graphic arts there. My ex still goes to galleries & hangs out with artists & whatnot.
  • Meggan Dominytus

    OOO pretty Darwin tree!
  • Ally

    Hi Jimmy,
    Your photo's are fantastic!
    where did you find the one of Ingersoll!
    I <3 him!
  • Ally

    Hey Jimmy! ( I imagine that said in my dad's Scottish accent ;)
    Thank you so much to the link to the Ingersoll page in Peoria!
  • Jennifer Nicole

    o.O I tried looking on youtube, but got a guy wearing a Guy Fawkes mask... I think I'm disturbed, though, if I look like a man.
  • Bimmerella

    Thanks for the add! Glad your kids got a kick out of my puppies :) I am always glad to have a new like minded friend. They are far and few between where I live. I look forward to reading your posts :)~ I love running the tail of the dragon! I only live an hour away from it, so I go every chance I get. People come from all over to drive this 11 mile stretch of road with over 300 hard apex turns. Tell your friend to give me a shout next time they are up here, and I can show them some less crowded but equally fun drives on the same mountain!
  • Bimmerella

    I'm digging the art work! Is that yours?
  • Abnormal

    Hello new friend.
  • Jezzy

    It's awful. I've lived here my entire life and it still baffles the hell out of me. Forever alone. D:
  • John Camilli

    I found the drawing online, but I liked it because it's similar to a lot of the stuff I do myself, except that I rarely have the patience to finish mine with color. I was being lazy, but if you're just curious whether I'm an artist, I am.

  • Tracy

    Thank you!
  • Azel Praer

    glad you are fucking happy today its far better than being fucking sad take care new friend
  • Ruby

    Thanks for the friendship. Never been to California? If you're ever in southern California I would suggest Balboa Park. It's in San Diego. There are plenty of museums, botanical gardens and usually events going on. It's one of my favorite places. The old buildings are great to look at, too.

  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Greetings, ART @S FR33THOUGHT 2011! I'd like to invite you to a group where we talk about anything on our minds, Hang With Friends. :D
  • Azel Praer

    lol ha love it
  • Hazel H.

    Hahaha. Yeah, I love them!
  • Dawn W.

    What? There are other open-minded people in FL? I thought most of them were Republican!! :)


  • Azel Praer

    takes a bow
  • Dawn W.

    Hi there! How are you??
  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    Thanks for posting the Michael Nugent video.

  • Donegal

    Hello and thanks for adding me. It's nice to meet you!
  • Donegal

    I'm (unfortunately) in Missouri, not Montana but...glad you like my profile.  How are you?

  • Sekharan Karuthedath

    Kick ass pictures and paraphernalia. Great dedication Guita?
  • Steph S.

    Greetings GuitarZeroH!  Thanks for the comment on my webpage.  I like your photos.
  • Steph S.

    I like your new name and profile pic. Cool!
  • Greydon Square

    yea man, it seems taco rape is the craze of the day.


  • TNT666

    I so miss Florida !
  • Steph S.

    Thanks for the Steve Jobs discussion.  I am a big fan of his -- really sad about his death. 

    So -- how are you doing?  Hope all is well with you today.

  • Steph S.

    So nice to meet another Apple fan on the Nexus. I always enjoy your discussions -- just ignore the haters.

  • Steph S.

    Cool avatar and name! I like!
  • Selen

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  • Selen

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  • Pansy

    hey RB..... thanks for the comment on the moth  :)

  • Steph S.

    Hello Rational Bunny!

    I enjoy reading your posts here.

  • BMD

    I would be surprised if your Scientist friend isn't an atheist... most Cure fans are I think.  But hey, my dad's the biggest deadhead I've ever known but he's also Evangelical Christian so who knows.

  • Major G

    Hello Mr. Secular combatant.How are you doing .
  • Ruth Anthony-Gardner

    I found your blog too overwhelming. So many disparate videos and links.

  • Steph S.

    Have a wonderful July 4th - be safe!

  • Major G

    Desperate atheism !
  • Stormi C.

    I look like her?
  • Steph S.

    Hey there!

    Sending freethought love to you.

    How are you doing?

  • Monster On Sunday

    Thanks, glad you like the Imagine montage!  ~ Tally from Monster On Sunday

  • sk8eycat

    Hello, my new friend.  I'm not going to be near a computer for a couple of weeks; I'll be cat-and-house-sitting for a friend while she spends the holidays in Hawaii with her in-laws (gah!).  I'd rather go to Alaska or Chruchill, Manitoba...even for just one night.  I have to see the Aurorae with my own eyes at least once...!


    PS: I don't know nuffin about skateboarding; I tried it once when it first became popular, and fell on my a##.  My kinda skating was on frozen water (I think I posted a photo or two oin my Profile), and I can't even do that anymore ... too old.  Damn!

  • Randall Smith

    Is this a pro or con comment? I did not understand the video. Call me dense.