Ruth Anthony-Gardner


Bensalem, PA

United States

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Concerned about Climate Destabilization.

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  • Jen

    Thank you Ruth for such a warm welcome to the site! I appreciate your suggestions for groups that may interest me. I will definitely check them out. Have a Happy Halloween too. :)


  • JP Carey

    Thank you Ruth for taking an interest in me and for your words. Although I can't tell my customers I disagree with them -if they were to search and find me here, I'm OK with that. I like my real name this time and not an handle.

    -ya, I think my biz phone would ring a lot less if the neighbors caught wind of my views. Sad.

  • Shawn Brown

    Thank you. I'll have to browse around a bit.

  • GK MacFadyen

    Hello, Ruth! Thank you for your kind welcome, and all the suggestions. This will keep me pretty busy for  while. :)

  • RawFishTails

    Thanks the welcome and the recommendations

  • shavante williams

    Hey thx for the welcome wagon.. I'll look into those groups btw :)

  • terry teagardner

    Ruth, thank you for the greeting and I want to take a look around a little to get my bearings. I am in San Antonio and I was beginning to think I was all alone but I refused to play along with theist and hide my atheism and have not been popular to say the least.

  • Wendy Hughes

    Thanks for the greeting! I will get the hang of this. I'm looking forward to participating :-)

  • Archie Robertson

    Thanks, Ruth! Looking forward to getting to know you all!

  • Paula

    Thank you for the welcome

  • Neal Schermerhorn

    Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions, Ruth! :D

  • Deb K

    Thank you for the BIG welcome. And thanks for the suggestions. I think it is going to take me a while to find my feet in this rather large online world, but I will certainly check out your suggestions.
  • Paul Monroe

    Thanks, Ruth! I'm glad I found this site.

  • Carlos Besga

    Thanks a lot for the warm welcoming and the recommendations. I already joined a few groups!

  • Richard Savery

    Thanks Ruth. I like it here already.

  • Stuart K

    Thanks for the welcome Ruth, and thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out.

  • Kane Augustus


    Thank you for welcoming me.  I will have a boo at the links you sent me; thank you for that, too, by the way.  ;)


  • CallMeQuirky

    Thanks for all the links Ruth! It might take me a bit to check them all out, but it's nice to see so many!

  • Aurea Loepp

    thank you so much for welcoming me to the site, I hope I can enjoy it.

  • Becky

    Thank you! I will definitely check out those groups! 

  • Mike Hungerford

    I appreciate the welcome, Ruth, but I'm afraid I might not be so welcome in your "Global Warming" Forums.

    What can I say?

    I 'm convinced that I was born a skeptic, and that extends to pretty much everything I encounter in life.

    I really don't see that the facts and the data support all the hyperbole (hundred year storms not withstanding).

    Oh, and I might also mention that I am an ardent Conservative...
  • Claudia

    Hi Ruth! Thank you so much for the warm welcome and the group suggestions. I was just beginning to explore the groups page and your suggestions are very helpful.



  • Jackie Miller

    Thanks for the warm welcome .
  • Melly

    Thanks Ruth.  I'll be blabbering at least a couple of those groups!

  • Kevin Ashley

    Thank you very much!

  • Provocative Primate

    I love your infective meme idea. I've been a selfish gene supporter since it first came out many years ago. I remember a recent point of inquiry podcast on the subject. I don 't get caught up in the scriptures since I don't have time for any fiction.
  • Leo Laurant

    Thanx Ruth...very helpful info.

    Although I don't do Twitter...sorry

  • Drcrazy

    Thank you for wish me greetings.

  • Audrey Deroo

    Thank you for your welcome and all the advice. This looks a bit complicated, but I'm sure I'll manage.

  • Future

    Thanks for the welcome comment Ruth. I'm still exploring, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of this place soon. I feel like I belong here already - coming from a similarly formatted but vastly more shallow thinking site. I can only stomach so much chat room style commentary so I'm branching out in a search for intelligence. Critical thinkers (ie atheists) are a natural place to gravitate towards.
  • Dave Godfrey

    Hi Ruth

    I think I may have confused you by identifying myself as a republican. Here in Britain it means somebody opposed to the monarchy and who supports the establishment of an elected head of state.

    Hope this sets the record straight

    Best wishes, Dave

  • Kathleen Gregg

    I really appreciate your Group suggestions and tips for using the site.  I'm sure I'll be joining some of them soon.  Thanks!

  • Tim Parr

    Thanks for the warm welcome and advice on the group suggestions. I will certainly check out the groups you suggest. 

  • Michael Kitching

    Thanks for the welcome!!!

  • peain pod

    Thank you for the welcome. I will check out the links.

  • Julie Richardson

    Thank you.  It's so nice to find like-minded people locally.

  • Allison Underwood

    Thanks for the warm welcome :)  I look forward to getting familiar with the site and becoming more active

  • A. M.

    Thank you for the warm welcome, Ruth, and thanks for the tips on the groups and member searching. I'll definitely check them out.  I look forward to getting to know you and the rest of the people here. :-)

  • Gamma Atheist

    hey thank you for the welcome new to this website

  • Jeferson Navarro

    Thanks for the welcome :-)

  • John Lynch

    Y\Thank you for the invite. Good to be wiith like minded people

  • Ashley West

    Thanks for the welcome! I haven't been on the computer in a while, so I'm late. Sorry! I absolutely love the pictures though. Sadly I do not have a twitter but I will definitely follow if I get one. 

    Thanks again, hope you had a great New Year!

  • Hope K

    Thanks for the welcome! It's good to find other people that have "escaped." :)

  • Morty Rjbi

    Thanks for the welcome! :) at risk because I leave Islam and I became an atheist, I forced to flee from my country(Iran). sometime I think I'm at risk yet

  • Caleb Fincher

    Thank you, It truly is an amazing book.

  • Stephen

    Thank you Ruth for the kind welcome i like your'e animated gifs would it be okay to use them. Once again thanks for the welcome all the best Stephen.

  • Nina Quinta

    Dear Ruth,
    thank you very much for the warm welcome :)
    I will check out the groups and am looking forward to get to know the people here. It's good to have this option.

    Kind regards

  • ali kh

    thank you so much Ruth, i'll be checking out the groups as soon as i could :)

  • Stephen

    thank you Ruth very kind of you ive been using some in my emails to friends and old comrades in my Union

    All the best Stephen.

  • Floyd Jack

    Thank you Ruth... the pleasure is all mine.  Peace to you.