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  • Teresa

    Nice to meet you too. I know there are at least a half a dozen more besides you and I! Me, my husband, one grown son, one teenage son, and I also have a work friend and she and her husband are non believers. So there, six out of how many people in Alabama? :-) I know what you mean about family, some of them are not worth the hassle. My non belief is usually just the proverbial elephant in the room that is not mentioned but I have one close family member who has made an issue of it. We are no longer speaking and she doesn't allow her kid that is still at home to associate with mine, not even virtually via facebook. Sad, but it's her loss. I'll give you a guess what denomination she follows..........are you ready for it, the one I abhor the most.........the dreaded Southern Baptist!
  • Dr. Terence Meaden

    Hi, Tommy. Your note to the comments section of "Origins" about water-ice being transported by asteroids is worth putting on the "Origins" site as discussion topic. Please do so.

    Secondly, regarding your statement above, under "About Me" is interesting in itself. Do join me and most other non-believers in feeling great pride in saying that one is atheist.
    And that is because we can be proud in knowing that we are RIGHT, while all the superstitious godbots are wrong with their unsupported beliefs in the archaic fictions of the bible. We can ask "are ten million modern scientists right with their experimental data based on a billion experiments" --- or the Bronze-Age goat-herders of the Near Eastern and Middle Eastern deserts with their camp-side fairy-tales?
  • C.J. Scoggins

    cool, maybe we can get together for coffee sometime, let me know. Glad to be here.