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  • Jack Butler

    Hi Sicili,
    Sorry about delaying in getting back to you (time zones etc.)
    You'll remember my recommending the Ceide Fields in Mayo (Link; and andĂ©ide_Fields )

    If you're going to Dingle town go via the Connor Pass from Tralee (there's a fork in the road about half way from Tralee, Take the right fork). After Dingle I recommend you travel around Slea Head and view the Blasket Islands. If you have time you might like to climb Mount Eadle near Ballyferriter -the locals will indicate the route. its not a difficult climb and the views are magnificent. It takes about an hour each way, but check the weather before you go and bring warm and waterproof clothing and suitable footwear.
    Note that due to a controversial decision by a government minister who thinks he can re-introduce the Irish Language to every day use thorughout the land, ALL roadsigns in Gaelteacht areas (Irish Speaking Areas) are in IRISH. Sometimes the Irish name for a place bears NO relation or resemblance to the name in English. For example the Irish name for Dingle is An Daingean or An Daingean Ui Cuishle. If you do not have a GPS Navigator, make sure you get a map that has both English and Irish placenames shown. Your car rental company should be able to provide one but if they try to charge for it don't bother but buy one in a gas station or at a tourist office.
    If I can be of any further help let me know. If in Ireland and you want my cell phone number just send me an e-mail address to (please keep it private)
  • michael oliver

    hey just dropping by to say burn in fictional hell I know I plan on it.
  • VeganAquarianAtheist

    Hi Sicile,

    Sorry for the long delay... haven't logged-in in several weeks... just found your comment re: going vegan... congrats... one more convert into the fold... several hundred million to go... LOL

    Been Vegetarian since '77... Vegan since '79... has always worked for me... health-wise, & with peace of mind for all the animals spared.

    Not comfortable with details in open posts... can exchange emails if you have questions, etc..