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  • Loren Miller

    Hey, John!  I'm sorry I didn't get you in on the group when A|N went down Friday.  Personally, I'm not convinced that this current window is permanent, so if you want to accept my friend request and send me a working email addy, I'll be glad to keep you up to speed on what is going on (what little I know!).

    In any case, hang in there and take good care!

  • Chris

    Hi John.

    I haven't checked in here lately, but remember you had a discussion about DNA studies.

    If you'd point me that that I'd appreciate it.

    I'm wondering if the DNA study you and other's have include Denosavan. Perhaps that's too new, however that should be part of the DNA trace to tell if we are Siberian, Mongolian, or Aboriginal American.


  • Chris

    Thanks John,

    Ancestory groups that check lineage by name of course results in some errors. My mother checked her maternal liniage back to ~1600.

    Family lineage says I'm from North Ireland among other places depending upon how far back studies go.

    Here's the beginning of some human links on youtube  you probably already know about.

    Ultamately we are all related to amobeas.