John Jubinsky


Dundalk, MD

United States

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  • Freethinker31

    OMG.....I am not surprised......I have been to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore  as well.....It has been  long enough that I got them  confused...I am a senior  so  maybe  I get  confused  easily now....LOL

  • Sameer

    I'm not in any good situation but thank you for your wish and you are amazing !

  • sk8eycat

    Thanks for the compliment.  I haven't been very chatty lately, but I'm trying to drag myself back into the world of the living.  I'm one of those types who beat my brains out for years trying to figure out WHY any "supreme being" would want to be worshiped, and WHAT "worship" really means.  I finally decided, when I was about 25, that It was all a con game based on primitive fiction, and I didn't need to pay attention to any of it.