John Jubinsky


Dundalk, MD

United States

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  • monon shuvo

    Thanks John for the welcome.I'm really very happy to have the touch of such enlightened friends.
  • monon shuvo

    Thanks for the add. I'm not a regular visitor in this site. Every time I visit this site, I get a happy feelings.
  • alexa penzner

    hi john - thanks for asking me to friend you - i'm delighted.  i'm finding it hard to keep up with all the discussion which goes on here.  i agree with your thoughts on "the energy of life", it's just that i find everything so bound up together.  looking forward to more -  alexa :]
  • Steph S.

    Hello John!  Thanks for adding me as a friend! Hope you are enjoying the site.
  • Steph S.

    I loved the movie Avatar as well.  I have it on Blu-Ray. I like your photos - very scenic.
  • Steph S.

    Those cruises sound wonderful.  I'm sure that you will enjoy them.
  • Sameer

    You are the Man..

  • Paula T.

    Thank you, John! Succinct, to the point, and no beating around the bush!

    Although I don't comment often, I have enjoyed reading the threads you have started. Thank you for taking the time! :)
  • Oscar Lei

    I lose a beloved cat a few months ago. Like your dog, he too died in my arm. We had to put him down, as both his hind legs were totally paralysed and things would only get worst. I don't believe in heaven or rainbow bridge, I like to think my cat Blu exist in another parallel universe with an alternate reality.