Susan Stanko

46, Female

Rothschild, WI

United States

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  • Dr. Terence Meaden

    Welcome to Atheist Nexus and the group ORIGINS where you will at once have many new friends. Visist often and enjoy.
  • Stephen Goldin

    Welcome to the SFF group. Hope you have a lot of fun here.
  • Blair Scott

    Thank you for joining the official American Atheists group on Nexus! Your support is greatly appreciated.
  • Heather McIntosh

    Hello from a fellow librarian! Perhaps I'll see you at ALA in July?
  • lost in translation

    Hey, I think its pretty cool you're undergrad is in Sociology. What prompted you to change to Library Studies?
  • Gecko, of Richie!

    Hey Susan. Thanks for the request.!! I love the Daily Show also
  • Little Name Atheist

    Happy birthday, Susan!
  • sacha

    I'm not much for sports, but I have lived numerous different places in the US and the Packers fans are the most loyal fans I have ever seen here. They rival some of the UK football fans. I had a blast being in a bar in Milwaukee rooting for the Packers with a packed house!

  • Colleen Quinn

    Nice Packer Jersey Susan! I grew up in Green Bay. Went to 2 games this season. Go Pack! Thanks for the add! I need some chick friends.
  • sacha

    Truly no need to apologise about keeping quiet when JSH was on a rampage. It was not worth saying anything. She was like a high speed train wreck - best to get out of the way before you are run over. I've told felch the same thing. One must choose their battles and she was not worth the energy.

  • Jaume

    I'm now the content manager for the Americans United Wisconsin website.

  • Joan Denoo

    Susan, you were not pushy! You were persistent until I finally got it. Thank you ever so much. I have learned more on this site than I ever wanted to know.
  • Sandy

    Hi Susan
    Thanks for the friend invite. I'm aware that I sometimes take a more extreme view than you do on some issues, but I've always felt we're essentially coming from the same place.
  • sacha

    Thanks, Susan - I know you clearly understand the humour, and when I talk about the majority of American women not getting it, I'm not referring to you.

    I'll try to get that photo of me in Packer gear scanned, and I'll send it to you, or even better, I'll put it up on NN.

  • sk8eycat

    Re: Tbyte...and the Childless discussions.  I'm popping into the discussions just to read what's been posted, and I did leave a comment  in another thread that he hasn't invaded yet.

    He's a troll, and those types thrive on attention, even if it's negative. So the only thing I can do is ignore him. I think we should ALL ignore him, and try to carry on posting our comments as though he doesn't exist.

    Also, I think I left a note in Ailurophiles that I was going to be tied up for a few days while I worked on The Pet Press.  I finished early yesterday AM, but I'm TIRED, and half blind from looking at this monitor for hours at a time. Proofing is the hardest. But I love it!

    Anyroad, I'll be back, I still have quite a bit to say about why I never wanted children.

    I learned the hard way on another Atheist forum that there's nothing that can be done about trolls, unless the moderator is able and willing to block them from posting.  We had fundies Copying and Pasting the same buybull verses over and over, and all the moderator did was tell us to "play nicely, now, children." I cancelled my membership. I don't have the patience anymore to deal with twits.

    I'm going to be 72 (AAARGH!) in a few weeks, and I feel I've earned the right to be crabby and bitchy when I want to.  Ya think?


  • dr kellie

    Because of our toy talk, I looked at your page (to see how old you are), and I noticed that you like DWTS.  Zombie jesus, I am having so much more fun watching it this season.  How can anyone resist Ricki Lake, Nancy Grace, Chaz, and Carson?!  And the burn guy...oh, the burn guy.  That show and Glee are the highlights of my tv watching each week. 

  • dr kellie

    Nope.  Not going home.  I attribute it to the Cher bump that he got when she tweeted that she would be in the audience if he made it on another week.  But, you are correct.  He should have gone home.  Still, go Chaz, even though your dancing sucks.  I'm so glad Carson is still on!